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TDLR: This article goes into the efforts by major game companies like EA, Ubisoft, & Silicon Valley Tech Giants (Facebook, Microsoft, etc), The ADL & even governments like Germany, to push social justice into video games & push traditional gamers out.

Basically, for the sake of the children & stopping the fascists, we have to turn gaming into being subservient to social justice. This includes pushing gamers out of gaming spaces & includes the push to tighten the grip on social media.

The article shows the No Pixels for Fascists project in Germany is active & we can see it's mirroring in similar projects (though less explicit) in the US.

It's a complex story, & the deep of it's been covered super well by Lunar Archvist who gone to heaps of trouble to translate & archive the germans stuff on this.

(Note: my first time using the .win site, sorry)