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Plays in your browser, requires mouse and keyboard (sorry phone users).

You are trapped in a spooky library and need to put away the books before you can escape. Beware! You are not alone!

The 2nd project from the KIA2 volunteer dev team.

Thanks for everyone who tested and gave feedback during our testing releases. And thanks to mods for stickying the posts.

Special thanks to Betterdays who made the amazing environmental art and assets for the game and generally for the game looking as good as it does despite the limitations of a web release.

We are currently planning our next project and will be trying to make our testing process more professional in the future. DM me if you are interested in helping test our future games, no experience necessary.

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Lurker404 4 points ago +4 / -0

Hey, I tried to play for a bit but ran into a few issues.

The brightness slider does nothing, so I can barely see anything.

After switching to fullscreen mode the game no longer displays the names of objects at the cursor (book names, shelves, etc.).

When I return to the menu and start a new game there sometimes are no books on the desk. Not sure what to do then.

When I tried to sneak and walk forward at the same time (ctrl+w) the browser tab closed. I think this happens if you switch away from the game tab and return. Takes a while for the game to capture input completely. You can control the game and key presses still leak through to the browser.

Also, the name "library game" kinda sounds like a placeholder.

acp_k2win [S] 3 points ago +3 / -0

ty for playing

what is your browser and gpu?

You are right library game does sound like a placeholder but we never came up with anything better, rip creativity.

Lurker404 3 points ago +3 / -0

Brave and AMD Radeon RX 480

we never came up with anything better, rip creativity.

There's gotta be something library related, like Overdue, or Dewey's Revenge/Curse, or something