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wuhan_2020_tour 11 points ago +12 / -1

Gettr censored Nick Fuentes and then suppressed Elijah Schaffer when he questioned it. They're not even close to a free-speech platform. They also "import" Twitter followers in a way that implies they're also on Gettr, which is what upset Joe Rogan. Most of the other accusations are weak sauce.

Rumble is far better on free speech. Yes their ToS forbids "hate speech", etc., but they host many controversial figures and aren't using a 2022 woke definition of hate speech (and "racism" and so on). As of now, they've mostly avoided deplatforming with these policies and are walking a fine line, unlike Gab which struggles to even have a bank account.

xleb2 8 points ago +8 / -0

Rumble is kind of a shit platform, there is no way to find anything if it isn't on the front page, and most things aren't.

I discovered months after missing from youtube that Eyyd from The OuterLight has been putting out regular vids on Rumble for a long time. The search function is no better either, you have to know the exact channel and spell it out correctly and completely before Rumble can find it.

I give Rumble a huge 'meh'.

TheImpossible1 6 points ago +6 / -0

God, this guy needs to shut the fuck up. Especially as he knows fuck all about the Internet and how it works.

Numerous trackers from Facebook, Google, and other third parties are embedded in GETTR web and smartphone apps.

So, just like anywhere else that uses embeds and Play Services? What are they supposed to do, host it on the Epic Games App?

App permissions facilitate the surveillance of a wide variety of information about GETTR users, including fine-grained behavior and location data. This data is then used to profile users and shared with third parties.

Like every other social media platform? Actually, like every other app? Even the browser you're viewing this post on has an insane number of permissions.

“Getome,” a previous version of the GETTR app that targeted Chinese-language audiences, is still published in Google Play and effectively provides a backdoor to GETTR. Users can log in and interact on the GETTR network via the Getome app, bypassing updates on the newer application.

False, just looked for it.

Content on GETTR such as news is loaded directly from external sources, opening connections between GETTR users to dozens of domains. This introduces serious privacy and security risks. Some of this content is delivered via unencrypted HTTP, further jeopardizing users.

This is one of the only things he's said that needs addressing. Things shouldn't autoload from the feed.

GETTR infrastructure is hosted by cloud vendors such as Amazon AWS and company email accounts are hosted by Google.

Such as AWS? What the fuck does that even mean? Are they using Azure? There's a lot of cloud vendors, very few aren't woke.

Well, that's their problem, not their users' problem. It doesn't affect the users if they use Gmail or not.

RandomCapitalist 1 point ago +1 / -0

If you don't have an app in the app store, but instead direct people to your web page, you can bypass the app store based tracking and compliance issues. Gab does not have an 'app' for this reason.

Gab claims to have their own servers (the actual physical hardware) which would bypass AWS, Azure, Google Cloud etc. After all, the 'cloud' is just server space you're renting from someone else (in a general sense). Gab is running a Mastadon fork on their own hardware.