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My deal also involves some form of Fauci being sacrificed on public broadcast. Great minds think alike.

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That would be a start.

Proof that it.works, and it's not actually just making the spread even worse.

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Seriously, I would need to see the reptilian spirits being sucked out of all the politicians, health "experts", media personalities, Ghostbusters style, before I would ever place my trust in authority figures again.

Short of mass exorcisms where we see heads explode, nothing would convince me that these "people" are not Purely evil entities from another dimension.

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Not only will I never take this shot, I will never take any vaccine ever again. Neither will my children or animals, if they're unlucky enough to be born to this planet.

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Never open a door when someone knocks.

If I was expecting you, you wouldn't be knocking.

Go to the Simp neighbor and be his problem.

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This all got worse when they closed down mental hospitals and released the crazy onto the streets.

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They're probably in there playing Scrabble or something to waste time. They need to make it seem like they took a long time to arrive at the decision. If they did it quickly, they would be perceived as too careless.

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My fantasy was "we the jury do not feel safe to give a verdict, we have no guarantee that we will receive protection by the police and FBI from angry mobs and vigilanties -- on the contrary, as we saw in Kenosha, we will not be protected. And if we attempt to defend ourselves, we will not receive just treatment in the courts. And therefore, we choose the judge to make the decision".

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If there's a war with China, good luck finding troops willing to fight. And able to fight, because most will have heart attacks on the battlefield. More likely, if you give these people guns and bark commands at them, they'll shoot the commanders.

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Only safe way for him to get home, honestly. They'll be waiting with guns outside the courts.

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Jann-Michael Greenburg, the president of the Scottsdale Unified School District board, made headlines this week after he was allegedly found to have access to an eerie dossier on school parents who had criticized the board and protested mask mandates.


All you need to know.

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Giving help to illegal migrants causes a honey-pot, which makes more illegal migrants rush for the free resources.

In turn, that causes more migrants to risk lives to take the journey, causing many to die, be kidnapped, abducted, ransomed, etc while on the journey.

This is why you build walls and reject illegal migrants. It tells them that no good will come of the effort, and to stay where they are.

This protects migrants from making a dangerous and pointless journey.

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The issue wasn't "unaccounted ballots", it's the boxes of "overcounted ballots" that were added.

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Don't worry about it. Jesus is in charge. Kyle is protected. Only takes one person on the jury to vote not-guilty.

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