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Here are mine (TW):

  1. Joe Biden will win the election.
  2. Immediately upon his election or inauguration, the lying media will turn on him, suddenly discovering all the scandals they have been covering up to that point.
  3. If there is any substance to the Burisma/China scandal, he will be toppled.

Why do I think this? Biden was never the favorite of the establishment. Fake News CNN was smearing him in favor of its candidates Kamala Harris and later Elizabeth Warren. I distinctly remember a headline - at an airport - last year, where FNCNN was claiming that "Biden refuses to apologize for segregationist comments".

Right now, they are temporarily allying themselves with Biden go get rid of the Bad Orange Man, and therefore temporarily covering up any scandal.

But like Francis Underwood, Harris will undermine Biden in order to usurp the presidency, and the media will do what they are paid by their billionaire and corporate masters to do.

The lying media will feel empowered by having gotten Trump out of office, that they can also remove Biden in favor of his VP whom they like better. Similarly, the mob will feel empowered as well, so you can expect political violence at regular intervals, which will be branded 'peaceful protests' when they are not being blamed on Wight Supremacists.

These are my honest views, and I'll concede that I also thought that Trump would lose in 2016.

Thoughts, predictions, etc.?

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666sadfrogs 21 points ago +21 / -0

I think Trump wins the actual election, but Biden is cheated in by late ballots.

The legitimacy of the election will go to the courts.

No matter who wins after the court decision the left will be emboldened and will start pushing harder. If you think the last 145 days have been bad, just wait.

I do agree that the DNC will turn on Biden and the media will follow, but there is no way they would even risk digging into Burisma. The possibility that Obama knew is too great, and I don’t think they are ready to even come close to implicating him into a scandal that big.

Biden will just be removed by being declared mentally unfit for office putting Harris up as President.

An unelected President that doesn’t have much approval by the population and is likely to abuse EO will have trouble getting support and might not last long. Depending on how much of the House turns Red and overall approval among the remaining Dems, impeachment isn’t off the table.

xleb2 7 points ago +8 / -1

Obama knew? of course Obama knew. The Burisma swindle and the whole Victoria Neuland/US embassy/overturned Ukranian government +plus hired skinheads and NATO intentions. Crimean Ukraine voted itself to join Russia. That shit is all a really BIG deal that nobody is talking about it in connection to the underhanded international vandalisim carried out under Obama.

Ukraine, a complete shitshow orchestrated by the Obama administration.

Aphrael 2 points ago +2 / -0

The question isn't whether Obama knew, the question is whether it can be proven that he knew. Anyone with half a brain realizes exactly what you're talking about, but there's about half the US that worship the ground Saint Obama walks on and cannot handle the cognitive dissonance. They still won't believe he was corrupt even if he is sentenced to federal prison.