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Big Tech


Google releases their own open source AI framework.


The big tech companies have fallen so far, they can only go up. This article says they are about to rise and shows signs of it.


Koch Network to support anyone but Trump both financially and mediawise.


ChatGPT is in Bing or will be soon.


Nintendo is winning their lawsuits on Joypad drift.


Disney is rumored to buy Harry Potter from JK Rowling and Warner Bros. It actually makes sense, not the sale that's insane, but the propaganda against Rowling could be corporate. Remember all the corporate hate against star wars right up till Disney bought it?

Regular Tech

https://www.linkedin.com/posts/stijn-spanhove_augmentedreality-8thwall-niantic-ugcPost-7028084207620882432-BOEr https://archive.ph/49lbw

Using various programs, someone creates an AR character in an actual park.

https://archive.ph/KqAnq Windows 11 without the bloat. 2GB RAM and no TPM.

https://archive.ph/QhV9x New design for drone propellers is quieter.