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  1. https://www.reddit.com/r/ThatsInsane/comments/wm3nes/onlyfans_model_attacks_boyfriend_two_months/

  2. https://people.com/crime/onlyfans-model-courtney-arrested-charged-with-murdering-boyfriend/

OnlyFans model Courtney Clenney has been arrested in connection with the April death of her boyfriend Christian "Toby" Obumseli. Obumseli, 27, was found stabbed inside a luxury condo at the One Paraiso Residences on the afternoon of April 3. "The preliminary investigation determined that both Mr. Obumseli and the female had been involved in a physical altercation," police said in the statement, which refers to the attack as a "domestic violence incident."

The couple, who had been together for about two years, had recently moved to Florida from Austin where they had a history of domestic incidents, the newspaper reports. Clenney was arrested for domestic battery in Las Vegas, and police had been called to their home in Austin, per the Miami Herald.

She is claiming self defense.

This is how it works with crazy women. Either they kill you, as here, or they drive you to killing them.

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Can we just refer to the modern vagina as the death hole?