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So I've been ripping my DVDs to a media server as well as going to used book stores and adding to the collection just so I can stop funding all this woke nonsense. From a technical standpoint its all cool and fun and I've been sharing my story with various friends (omitting the 'woke' part because many of these guys are all part of the facebook consciousness 'Landru, save us')

From 3 separate people at 3 separate times now - my talking about just using my own library for streaming purposes rather than pay the fee has led to them responding, exactly word for word, "I subscribe to Disney+ because I can't afford to buy all those Disney movies" like it's some sort of hypnotic suggestion. (and I don't even bring up Disney+, just streaming services in general)

Certainly that's true if you buy the discs new - but if you get them off of EBay or a used book store you can pick up most Disney movies on bluray for under $10 and DVD for usually $5! So, yeah, you've got some costs up front if you're a BIG Disney fan of yore but the media is YOURS, can't be edited for content behind your back and you'll always have access to it (and will eventually recoup the cost)

I had a friend last night (that spurred on this rant) then go on to say that he watched "The Black Hole" and "The Apple Dumpling Gang" which he would've never seen if he didn't have D+ - As if he's justifying the $90/year price tag to himself by saying he's watching movies he couldn't be bothered to watch without it? Don't get me wrong - I'm a spend your money as you see fit kinda guy. But none of my friends were touting how GREAT D+ was... they were all grudgingly defending their monthly tithes to the mouse (I have it because it'd be more expensive to not have it) and, more importantly, using the same verbiage...

Just an odd Sunday morning note...

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dusk_hour 2 points ago +2 / -0

Are they not aware of the internet? You can find pirate streaming platforms that have everything, from every platform, from every year, from every publisher, ever, for a fraction of the price if any at all. Morality? They are funding literal pedophiles and child grooming. You have moral imperative to not support D+, Pedoflix, etc.

The normies that don't understand logic will do whatever mental gymnastics necessary, however illogical, to comply with their conditioning. These monkeys can only be reached through emotional manipulation, ie you need to make their trends untrendy by essentially bullying them (in a kind way). They are herd animals so you need to take advantage of the herd mentality. You have to be a bit of a Chad to do it however because if they don't desire your approval then it won't work.

Mpetey123 -1 points ago +1 / -2

Listen you can't say they are "literally" funding pedophiles and child groomers and then say it's okay to use the same product because you stole it. If it's morally wrong to buy it, it's morally wrong to consume it in anyway. You are still eating fruit from the poisonous tree, it's no different. If Disney is wrong boycott them completely. Taking the content isn't sticking it to Disney it's you justifying you don't want to pay for it.

PresidentBossk3562 2 points ago +2 / -0

You need to consider though, that Disney owns the rights to great films that were pre-woke and some were even around before anyone at the current Disney even worked there. It would be a shame to longer experience these movies because they are now owned my a immoral corporation.

Mpetey123 1 point ago +1 / -0

And the OP is describing how to get them. Look you wanna steal, steal. But don't pretend it's some sort kind of moral crusade, it's not.