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ZeroPercentCamoIndex 13 points ago +13 / -0

I actually believe that the ineffective vaccines have been doing precisely what they claim Ivermectin will do. People who have gotten the injections have a false sense of security from the false belief that they are immune. The result of that is that they have actually become super-spreaders.

Jackpot. I've been thinking this since the vaccine rollout really started gaining speed. Vaccinated people are, what, 50-60% less likely to get infected according to the stats I'm seeing? But anecdotally speaking they're about 1000% more likely to get in my personal physical space and bumble around without a care, compared to this time last year. The vaccines have given these people a magic talisman against the virus in their minds. The MSM encourages them to ignore any doubts regarding the vaccines and to feel good about themselves for not listening to the nasty Ivermectin cultists - they did everything they were asked to do by the new authoritarian moral order, so it's life as normal for them now, nothing to worry about.

I as a cautious unvaccinated individual am presenting way less of an infection risk than the average vaccinated person I encounter out in public these days.

weezkitty 11 points ago +11 / -0

Although to be fair, unless you're very old or morbidly obese, your danger of being hospitalized or dying from COVID is still pretty low.