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If you like Geopolitics, this podcast is pretty good. The guy is not super polished, and at one point you hear a creaky door open and shut, lol, but the content is actually pretty darn good and interesting. Particularly this episode, https://anchor.fm/haisean/episodes/When-the-status-quo-ends-e17ahui

It really boils down to me that Russia is on the move, and is easily winning. Either Russia or China, or both, got Biden elected by buying up and controlling media outlets, influencing social media, probably going all the way back 30 years to brainwashing teachers and controlling teacher unions, etc, to poison the US towards the US. So stupid, but we are easy pickings with the brain dead morons that we live amongst.

So they control all this stuff and they can do what they want. The US superpower is gone. Over. Kaput. Very interesting and scary times ahead.

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The US is just following the path of a failed multiethnic society. China or Russia don't have to do anything. Democrats in the beginng of the century wrote books about it: https://www.amazon.com/Disuniting-America-Reflections-Multicultural-Enlarged/dp/0393318540