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acp_k2win 34 points ago +34 / -0

Really long but explains it all:


tl;dr there are two kinds of people

One is like Abel who shuts up and voluntarily makes the sacrifices and works hard and keeps going despite hardships and doggedly recovers from setbacks and frustrations - this kind of person eventually achieves "success" over a long term.

The other is like Cain who is hyper-sensitive, to the point of paranoia, about the appearance of success. But is also unwilling and deep down is afraid of the sacrifices necessary to achieve it. So Cain makes performantory sacrifices which are ultimately rejected because they aren't sincere. And then he refuses to accept responsibility for his own inadequacies. To protect his fragile and unearned ego from the pain of accepting his failures Cain lashes out and blames everyone and everything else.

Leftists are scions of Cain, who pretend to care and help but really are so terrified of responsibility they act out to deflect any scrutiny of themselves. And they justify their personal resentment and ultimately malice toward those who aren't like them by claiming it is the proper response to the cosmic injustice of their existence.