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Hollywood has always been primarily been made up in the powerful positions of Jews.

And yet in prior decades, there was plenty of good white role models in films and even politically incorrect jokes aimed at minorities.

Now everyone, whether they be white, Jewish, black, Indian, middle eastern, if they're in a powerful position, they attack white people.

So did Jews who produced movies like Rocky, it's a wonderful life, and other good uplifting movies with non-Jewish actors suddenly become insanely evil enacting an anti-white agenda recently.

People blame the Jews because they are a small group occupying powerful positions. So what? Jews are good with money, work hard, have a higher average IQ and hire based according to their own interests. That's how it should be. I wish white people were like that. We hire against our interests. And many Jews like all the powerful people are anti-white.

But I think that has more to do with the power and less to do with the Jewishness.

In China they persecute Christians and there's very few Jews there.

In Mexico the police will extort you if you're white especially and there's not a ton of Jews there. In the middle east they'll kill you if you're Christian and depending on the country there's not a lot of Jews there.

I think instead, it's a modern spiritual demonic attack aimed at destroying Christian values. Jews happen to be in a lot of powerful positions in America, but it's not like the non-Jews aren't heartily and happily applauding the destruction of white demographics.

Again, why would Jews in the 80s or earlier have good white role models in TV and movies? Why would the Andy Griffith show exist in a world where Jews are by default against white people? Has something changed with them in particular that hasn't changed with society at large since then?