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MargarineMongoose 5 points ago +5 / -0

Possibly, there are always outliers. Or perhaps you're simply in denial because such a reality makes you look morally deficient and the ego could not survive such scrutiny.

Personal situation aside, yes your sex is exactly that weak. The disparity in physical aptitude between men and women is on the scale of the Grand Canyon. Most women have no idea the actual degree to which they will be outclassed in a physical confrontation with a man, and the stream of Hollywood fantasies has done nothing to remedy this.

Takkune 5 points ago +5 / -0

I could be in denial. I've never been in a situation where I really needed to defend myself. I think prevention is an often overlooked aspect to self defense. Don't go to a party alone (if you do, you must maintain your senses, I would say don't drink at all and definitely DO NOT accept drinks, keep your drink in your possession) or have at least one trusted friend to stay sober and keep an eye on you (established beforehand and repay them for babysitting afterward). I think giving off body language that screams "if you mess with me I'll make sure it hurts" too, because there were times I had to go to downtown Chicago at sketchy hours for work around the holidays (retail) and have only had one weirdo kinda try to get in my face but backed off quickly without a word from me.

I also don't dress like a slut or openly carry valuables (in fact when I lived in Chicago I didn't carry a purse and kept a thin wallet in my pocket like a man would) I've always believed in traveling light and inconspicuously.

Anyway, sorry for the brick of text, I'm sure it's not needed here, but I guess I have some hope that some defiant girl will come in here looking to start a fight in favor of OP and that this might actually help her stop seeing herself as a victim and start realizing there are things she can control to protect herself.

MargarineMongoose 3 points ago +3 / -0

Preventative maintenance is a top shelf approach to a great number of things in life, not just self defense.

Takkune 3 points ago +3 / -0

100% agree. It just seems to me, especially for self defence, preventative measures are more often on the back burner and actually considered an insult.

"Don't judge my clothes! Tell men not to rape!" "I shouldn't have to keep an eye on my drink! Tell people not to drug drinks!" No shit toots. The bad guys don't care. It's on you to protect yourself from bad guys who don't care about you.

I notice this mentality becoming increasingly popular with heath, too. The HAES movement and all. Sad really.