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My coworker brought up the Rittenhouse trial and we had a somewhat civil discussion and I managed to get some insight on the left's perspective which isn't great.

He believes that it's necessary to burn down blocks and destroy property to achieve reform. In his eyes, people like Kyle should mind their own business and stay in their homes because they have no right to interfere.

Coworker also said that if someone believes Kyle was right then he should grab a gun from his car and shoot the person that disagreed. He genuinely believes that Kyle is an enemy and that the left is at war with people like me and you

This what happens when you lose a culture war. When you lose a culture war, violence and genocide is next.

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Some students accumulated so many points early on that by the end of the term they knew they didn’t need to do more work and could still get an A. Others — often those who had to work or care for family members after school — would fail to turn in their homework and fall so far behind that they would just stop trying

The article is from Los Angeles and San Diego where they are more illegal and than citizen and he's an English teacher. Good luck getting non-native speakers to become miraculous English writers on their second year living in the States.

Perhaps a border fence should be built South of the border with a force patrolling it keeping down the number of illegals that can't speak or write English with limited skills to offer to the US, so we could focus on educating our children and not El Salvador's children? Perhaps those funds could be funneled to US citizens and legal immigrants to better our nation?