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I have written about it before, but it is worth making a post over. In the game of victim olympics the historical Trump card lies with a white ethnicity. This would be anyone with Slavic heritage. The word slave is based on a derogatory term for the Slavic people. This also means that anytime uses the term slave to refer to a owned person they are denigrating Slavic people. Any POC using the term slave is racially appropriating the pain and suffering of the Slavic people. This is deliberate, continued ethnic discrimination against a global and national minority. Anyone with Slavic heritage can use this to “punch up” against any other ethnicities. Also, since Slavic people have had multiple genocide attempts from “POC” and have been mass “enslaved” by them to the point the definition of owning another person is actually a slur or descriptor of Slavic people it neuters their own claim of oppression. Make them die on their word salad hill they continue to force on us.

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Oh look, a racist

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Crying out in pain as you strike me.

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Tell me, what type of whet stone do you use for all that edge?

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Tell me Slavs don’t look like the word sounds.