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ScutFarkus -16 points ago +1 / -17

Seems you’re the only dipshit who knows who they are.

Way to create your own prophecy.

Kind of like how you hate women because they can’t fucking stand you.

I think we all know how this ends.

TheImpossible1 [S] 1 point ago +2 / -1

Well, that proves my point. Literal nobodies are the shills they're now using to push their poison. They're running out of cards to play.

No, I hate them because of what they've done. You can make any excuses you want for them, because you are a shill for them after all, but if you read my posts, the theme is not women bad because I don't like them, it's "Look what evil shit they're up to now".

Stevie Wonder could see what's going on here. The only reason that anyone wouldn't is if they are avoiding seeing it.

ScutFarkus -16 points ago +1 / -17

You just outed yourself as a “literal nobody shill.” For this literal who band.

Get help.