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My “nerdiness” is due to my older brother who had a ton of golden age Sci fi books that I would read (first being the new hope novelization). He now has three girls (two teens) so he has been out of the loop. He said he recently bought some new sci fi book and said it was woke garbage. I told him about what has happened to mainstream sci-fi/fantasy publishing and a brief overview of the sad puppies thing.

I told him to avoid any book that has won the Hugo, nebula, etc in the past few years because all it takes is that you need to be a woman who hates white men.

Anyway, he asked me if there are any videos or articles that breaks down what happened to sci-fi. Can y’all recommend any? Thanks.

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If he reads or watches up about the Sad Puppies controversy he'll be mostly caught up. It was a conservative movement to de-woke-ify the Hugo Awards, due to the increasing amount and incentivisation of wokeshit in sci fi.

I haven't listened to this breakdown of the events myself, but it features Larry Correia who was directly involved, so it should include everything.