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PLAY IT! (and give us a good review ;)

Clown World: King of the Hat

Projectile based single-screen arena brawler where you play as rival clowns pranking each other to find out who is the clowniest. Clowns need hats to be funny and prank so pick one up to shoot the hats off your opponents. Spend too long without a hat and you lose. Make your opponents lose and you win!

The game plays in your browser and requires a keyboard and mouse.

We want to thank everyone who expressed interest and encouragement, whether or not you ended up working with us on the project. Also thanks to the mods for stickying our posts.

And thanks to everyone who playtested our earlier iterations and particularly to anyone who left us feedback, much of which was incorporated into the game. I don't know how many people here have done gamedev but playtesting by members outside of the team is extremely helpful. After working on a project for a long time it is easy to lose awareness of how anyone who hasn't played the thing 1000 times sees it. The fresh eyes of outside testers really help us stay on track toward the ultimate goal of making the game fun.

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Thanks for playing and for the feedback. I think we were ambitious in our choice of first project requiring a complex AI. But our lead dev really stepped up despite this being his first game project and never working with Unity before.

After the last release we decided that the marginal benefit of maintaining the first game wasn't as great as starting on a new project even thought we know there is more we could do to make improvements.

If you want to join the project the first step is to make an intro post to our forums:


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