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Given recent news regarding the suppression of relevant data regarding Covid at the start of the pandemic, when it was at it's most dangerous, will there ever be an accounting for the number of people Daszak, Fauci & co have harmed or killed?

I suppose Fauci's co-operation with the PRC makes perfect sense now - killing chunks of your own population for the sake of "harmony" is a very CCP way to go about things, isn't it?

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Steampunk_Moustache 13 points ago +14 / -1

There will never, ever be accountability.

If we are charitable, an accident orders of magnitude more deadly than a dozen Tschernobyls has happened.

If we are not, a holocaust-level crime against humanity has been committed.

In both cases, it's in the interests of both China and the defacto oligarchs in the US government to look away and pretend nothing happened.

J_Darnley 1 point ago +1 / -0

No scientist is ever going to come out and say "yes we or they created it in a lab" because they are protecting their jobs or even their lives.

I saw a post elsewhere about India downplaying their number of dead and it might be 3 million. Shortly followed by another post about lab leak theories. Commenters on the first were an average of something like "yes maybe" on the second it was "no way".

That made me realize. China has executed CEOs for killing fewer. The west wouldn't but that's because we're all sissies. They'd certainly be punished some other way.

That is why nobody will ever try to prove it.