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ThatsAlright [S] 7 points ago +7 / -0

It has come to the fore that Noah Berlatsky is the Communications Director of an organisation that engages in the normalisation of pedophilia. The name of the organisation is the Prostasia Foundation and it does appear to endorse extremely problematic opinions.

Prostasia calls pedophiles ‘minor attracted persons’ or MAPs, which is an undisguised attempt to rebrand pedophilia as a sexual orientation such as homosexuality. In the past, it has condemned Tumblr removing “MAPs’ and allies’ blogs”. In a post on its website, Prostasia went on to claim that removing such content would harm children.

The post claimed, “An entire community at the “ground zero” of child sexual abuse prevention is being censored, and it’s children who will ultimately suffer the most.” The foundation also claims that “stigma” against pedophilia is a consequence of “alt-right conspiracy theorists” and “sexual conservatives”.

Regarding censorship of “MAP” content, Prostasia opined, “In combination, this has left the support professionals who work with non-offending MAPs at a disadvantage, and has largely reduced spaces for public online discussion about minor-attraction to the echo chamber of alt-right conspiracy theorists and sexual conservatives, who wield the stigma around pedophilia as a potent weapon to undermine the progress of the LGBT movement, the anti-fascist movement, and their other political enemies.”