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India and China outright state they won't adhere to any Green regulation because they have the right to industrialize and green energy sources are inefficient garbage compared to oil/coal/nat gas, so China and India would be hamstrung to death by adhering to Green standards.

The one difference is nuclear energy. Japan has pledged to revert back to nuclear, despite hang-wringers and pussy faggots crying about Fukashima -- ironically, a disaster that could have been much worse considering where the fucking plant was built.

It's expedient, however, for Coral Davenport to blame it all on some canard -- probably because we as a species don't kill enough people that intentionally spread lies in our local communities. Imagine measuring political expediency against being stocked and stoned to death by your peers because your lies helped reduce energy supply, therefore causing energy prices to triple or quadruple in what is predicted to be one of the coldest winters in recent memory.

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Good thing I don't live my life trying to appease mouth-breathing faggots known as "normal people".

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How do you know the daughter didn't come to the conclusion on her own? Where's your proof that she was "groomed".

The problem is with the parents suddenly being unwilling to discuss the subject despite seemingly being willing in the past.

Learning about biology and sex is not grooming lol.

Hey, I've seen this motte and bailey before. It's a good thing no one is equating "learning biology" to child grooming; except your retarded ass, I guess.

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Shit, I'd say a good reason to ever date a woman is to find the most create way to dump her; that'll elicit the most heart-felt emotion from her than anything romantic you could have done

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Every woman MTG steamer plays like putrid fucking garbage. But woe to he who questions a play, because the chat will implore that "this is not a competitive stream, calm down!"

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Can we make it a public stoning?

Our rights are already being violated -- might as well disregard the 8th amendment for them

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If you don't pick up someone would come knocking

The retards didn't think sending someone to the house of somebody under quarantine was a bad idea?

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as Cyndi Lauper's "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" blasted from speakers.

"Enable women's hedonism" might not work out too well as a tactic.

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To be fair, you do say a lot of retarded shit backed by flimsy evidence.

A shitty BBC article, in this instance

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Case Western Reserve is actually pretty prestigious academically, making this all the more irritating.

I suppose the garbage coming out of the Ivies and Oxford is already rock bottom.

Ah well. The parallel society's universities just need to be better is all

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Because he's black; the natural athlete!

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Don't know. Probably because Dom's a fag, but that goes without saying

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