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I love the raised fist -- I can call them communist usurpers and they don't even try to hide the fact

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Hah, no kidding. Even "vanilla" Skyrim should at least have the Unofficial Patch installed.

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Bob'd be obsolete even if he still had the job, as the Escapist only hires the obsolete.

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So I can use simple words like "preference" to make cunts like this want to Persona 3 themselves? I love the future

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THAT dumb broad?

She turned mediocre gonewild pictures into millions of dollars.

Fuck it

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I still look at old Onion articles from time to time. "Why won't these faggots stop sucking my dick?" (Or something like that) is a classic. A shame what happened

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Women act like banshees and get lauded for it. Men act like banshees and get made fun of by their friends or get their ass kicked.

Women will always have an army of simps willing to defend them. A dissenting man is an army of one.

Realize, too, that I applaud the irrational man being made a pariah. It's what SHOULD happen, to everyone.

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I had Mitsuru hit with Marin Karin a few times and now understand why her AI is obsessed with casting it.

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She could always spit on the fingers and rub it in, you know

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What pulled me into the P3 the most was the freedom of progression. You can go to Tartarus whenever you want, and you're still at the whims of your party members so you need to be tactically sufficient. The floor guardians, for instance -- do you bring a full party, or do you only bring people resistant to the element? Do you bring Yukari to heal against a hard hitter with the risk that she'll die in one hit (and she will)? How often do you go? Too many excursions and your studies will lag and you won't be able to fuck Kirijo-senpai :(

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Menno and Houpt also allegedly began criticizing Simmons’ work performance in an attempt to get him demoted.

What are the odds that she sucks?

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I snagged a used PS2 and Persona 3 FES last month. There's a scene where you're at the beach trying to pick up women and finally score with one, until a party member says "is that hair on your chin" and the trap says "Dang, I missed a spot. Almost finally got myself a boy toy, too".

Buy the oldies, folks. The gameplay is probably just as good then as it is now, and it isn't tainted by ideologues (as far as we know)

If anybody is wondering, the trap got replaced by a big tittied teacher in the PSP remake; a cameo from Persona 4.

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Can we remake The Grapes Of Wrath, except this time it's about a middle class black family going to Californie to get free gibs? Poor devils make it there only to learn that every white person moved away, so they need to get jobs working on the farm to survive

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