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I am on mobile and don’t know what happened

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I bet he only heard of the bible, never read it

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Can we start calling the Swedish cunt cunt now? Or we still need to wait for 21?

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Ok, I will bite: everyone can get an abortion, but not her. Ever.

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Never bought one thing from these wee climatards hipsters, and I will never buy. North Face is the same.

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Oh, it moves from Jan 6th 24/7 to abortion 24/7. Cable news will be on top of it.

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"will die in silently in the coming decades"

Is not already dead?

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What is a woman?

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I remember 30%/month of inflation. You would buy a bus ticket and had to use before the end of the month.

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I will not rest until the ultimate symbol of wokeness is represented: a queer Mohammad with his/her/zir/zer child bride.

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You guys don't know inflation (yes, it is high). I was born in it, molded by it, and it's bad.

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The day we understand that a communist is worse than a nazi, we will have some progress. I rather be called a nazi these days (who is not a nazi in the left opinion?) than to be called a socialist or communists. I don't want to be compared to Che, Pol, Castro, Lenin, Stalin.

We need a final solution for this issue.

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We will reach full circle in a couple of years and then they will find out that they can call women, women.

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