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Global Warming, aka Climate Change is the last refuge of the inept, the incompetent and the corrupt. From scientists, politicians, civl servants, NGOs and businesses.

When you cannot plan, project, prepare and get things correctly you run to blame the most powerful molecule in the universe.

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Broken clock ... you know the drill.

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You probably should count 50% os those sales from the discount bin 90% off, priced to go.

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He shot a movie in Alberta and he saw the effects of tar sands in the environment. Plus it was cold, which we know it's just weather.

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When your life is defined by "dunking" on Twitter and reading such "dunks", you probably have a very sad existence.

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I said this before I will raise hell at the hospital if they don't have a bed for me (not COVID) but they are treating 20+ drug addict losers.

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I am in the same boat, I am almost half a century on this rock, and I don't give a flying fuck to vulnerable people. Government never gave me shit, both places where I live/lived.

And you're right Afghan made their choice, live with it.

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Maybe if the sign is immersed in vaccine prior to the event?

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Not only we accept mental illness, grave mental illness, as normal, we have to celebrate it.

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Yes, it's missing a lot off the whom, why not name names? Was she complicit?

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It's still in the New front page, with 75 votes and more than 40 comments


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