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They are vastly overrepresented in feminism where many of them change their names to Christian names to hide their Jewish identities, raising questions as to why they would do such a thing, before injecting and promoting Jewish principles/interests in feminism under the guise of women's rights.

Who are the primary perpetrators of this renaming?

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Oh, not to mention even more taxes.

Our income is taxed, then any use of what remains is also taxed.

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C'mon fucker, this was an informative post by Impy and you still give him shit? Cut him down when he acts like a faggot, not for this shit.

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No, we get it. Your constant need to foist women into every conversation has gone beyond diminishing returns.

In the mean time, we have two men actually doing the dirty deed here, but you chose to go up the chain until you find some woman that may be involved and insist she's the ringleader.

Let men have the agency to be evil too, you fucking faggot.

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I keep discovering enough music in the past that I don't need to keep up with what's current. When I'm in a discovery mode, I pick a random decade on RateYourMusic, hop down to whatever's ranked 200 on the list, and start climbing up until I see something that may be interesting and pull it up on YouTube for a quick sample.

It isn't perfect, but as far as serendipity goes it certainly beats the radio. Helped me find a bitchin' post-hardcore album from 2001 doing this, actually: (Unwound - Leaves Turn Inside You, to those curious).

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By crumbling, I mean tolerance is starting to wane. I don't understand why you're being obtuse about this.

I could also be wrong, though, as I'm basing this on the "groomer" thing. That social media sites have to ban the word means its taking effect.

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Do they? It feels like tolerance for fags is crumbling

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The mottes are getting too easy to penetrate, if this is the case.

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Claiming showing children pictures of penises and vaginas is "age appropriate" is literally what everybody means by grooming.

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Would Misty be allowed to exist today? Tomboy; red head; she's obviously craving to have a dick made out of the corpses of her cut off breast tissue

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he isn't looking to murder a random stranger over that

That's a hard assumption to make. In the meantime, you get shot in the back by the very man with an IQ lower than a standard deviation beneath the average.

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If it had been someone who was actually prepared for resistance, there's virtually no way she would have gotten a shot off before he shot her.

He's cool with her running, allowing her to identify him to the police?

And who knows, maybe she did run for cover before she pulled her gun. Maybe she was already in some measure of cover - perhaps behind the engine block of another parked car.

I kind of assumed this is what happened. The article is shit and doesn't really say anything about how the engagement went down, though.

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Is that not obvious?

Perhaps it is, though it seems unobvious to me that running away from a long range weapon is any safer.

Engaging seems the safest, or else why even carry if its always better to just run?

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Rather than surrendering or running away

I know Luke Gentile wrote that because he's a faggot journalist, and that's what faggot journalists do; but one usually doesn't surrender when they have a weapon they are adept at using. Running away is also a poor choice against a long ranged projectile weapon.

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I like that he asked, since the question got answered and you also exposed yourself as a massive faggot

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These people use masks to dishevel potential opponents in argument. They see the mask and start making assumptions about the mental clarity of the person, which may bias them towards ad hominem as opposed to focusing on the argument.

The tactic is a little too exposed now that people stopped giving a shit about the coof. Adding stupid little phrases to the surface of the mask only exposes their hand a little more

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This sounds like what we want regarding "diversity", that being the ability to approach the same problem with a different angle because your brain is structured differently.

This is something we get by design, since all people are diverse independent of skin color in the upper echelons of society given that they have their needs met and can afford to explore.

But I'm going to assume the way "neurodivesity" is being used is much more retarded than that.

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You strike me as someone who would, "empty an entire magazine into [my] chest" if I were to punch you in the face, as that other guy said. In that case, I may need to escalate in kind.

because said accused are not retarded and can separate fiction from reality

I'm going to go out on a limb and say the man masturbating to pictures of cartoon children getting fucked would have no problem masturbating to real pictures of children getting fucked if he could get away with it consequence free.

The main argument always hinges on the freedom to own cartoon child porn. These people, then, have to sell themselves on the idea that they only want to masturbate to animated pictures of children.

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Are you going to keep playing stupid like people don't know what loli is and that I haven't already stated what it is?

It's a requirement for the argument. Another requirement is to ignore the elephant in the room; people want to kill those who jack off to cartoon pictures of children getting fucked just as much as they want to kill people that jack off to actual child porn. The difference is in whether one is allowed to exist, and that's the one thing to which they tether themselves.

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