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New title. I realized my original post sounded click-bait-y.

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Oh fuck that's dark. And to think I was trying to make a joke. I hate reality.

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Monopolies leverage legislation to create a barrier to competition. Cartels would be legitimate businesses if they weren't outside the law. In anarchy, all would be de facto legitimate, but then individual rights could be trampled on. It is a delicate balancing act, hence why I'm a minarchist. I can't speak for the other guy, though.

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I'm not sure if I would mind living in A Brave New World.

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If it's for gullible SJWs, is it really a bad thing?

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Oh my god that's exactly how I approached it. Priest and robo companion ftw.

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lol. I knew the game was gonna be rough when the character creator started me as a black woman and they made the same "hit the control panel/delayed machine reaction" joke twice in two minutes.

I shouldn't be surprised she was a lesbian, like literally every other character in the game. Both me and my character weren't socially adept enough to figure that out or even care. I kicked her out before she could join the crew because I was almost certain she wouldn't have been the best companion, but also on some level I knew the game really, really wanted me to keep her for the game and I knew I had to do the opposite of that to keep it interesting.

Turns out, the shitty writing made her both the first companion the best companion stats wise, but I'm still happy with Vicar Max. He cracks me up, but he's also empathetic and smart enough that I feel he would really care and help out the retard character I rp'd as.

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Oh it's definitely solid gameplay, except I think I broke it with my retard strength character lol. God I love bashing people with melee and roleplaying ignoring all the nuances of moral decisions. The [dumb] dialogue is almost worth it (it was way better in New Vegas).

So yeah, playing it how it wasn't meant to be played adds redeeming value and is probably the only way to play. I'm glad they allow those choices, even though they bash you over the head with the "right ones". Only a "retard" wouldn't make the "right" choices rofl.

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Mine is (((he))),(((him))),(((his)))

It makes everyone at work look super virtuous.

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That was a trip when I was reading about Zoe Quinn on Wikipedia.

I've only seen women use that pronoun, strangely enough. Do they resent being female or what?