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not diversity of random traits like race and sex

Reminds me:

There’s a common argument that what you’re born as — your race, ethnicity, sex — to whom you’re born to, and which country you’re born in are all accidents or circumstances of birth, things that are outside of our control and thus should be irrelevant; nationalism is cringe, and why would you care about your ethnicity or race? What does it matter what skin color you are, and if you think it does, isn’t that basically racism? What matters and should matter is the individual.

However, such notion of individualism is less a reflection of reality and more a reflection of ideology; to be more specific, it’s an attempt to construct an identity based on liberal ideology, an identity free from heritage, belonging, and being, which is best described as rootless individualism. And I’ll explain why.

First and foremost, we don’t simply come into existence out of nowhere and for no reason at all. Each and every individual in existence is a product of specific people, who made specific choices, took specific actions, had specific experiences, including trials and tribulations they went through in their lives, all of which eventually led up to the making of and birth of the said individual.

All of their actions, choices, and experiences themselves were dependent on and conditioned — both socially and genetically — by their parents, ethnicity, race (itself a form of extended family), culture, society, nation, as were those of their parents, those before them, and so forth. Who we are as individuals is, fundamentally, a part of and a product of other people and specific people at that; such individualism can be described as a form of relational individualism.


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You're right about the IQ thing in one context "Midwit deluded he's a genius and resents his lack of 99th percentile success, so blames everyone else" is peak online vocal social justice activist

Genuis =/= IQ. IQ = processing power. There's lots of people with higher IQ who I'd describe as idiots. Also, what you're noting is less to do with IQ and more to do with leaders/followers. Most people are followers; few are leaders. The former parrot narratives, the latter offer new ones, are more "challenging," interactive, etc.

For example, a low IQ individual might not think to try and conflate enslavement and conformism, but a high IQ individual might think that's obviously fucking retarded.

It's one and the same. It's easy to demonstrate as much. Go out, talk with your friends, your boss, coworkers, your family. Say you hate black people; that you hate women; that white people are superior. See what's left or your life afterwards.

Of course, you won't do so. Because you, like everyone else, will conform. Your wellbeing, that of your family, etc, depends on it. Just like historically, wellbeing of many whites and blacks depended on not upsetting the capitalistic slave masters. Certainly, the slavery today is more thorough, insofar that the ruling class has found that enslaving people's minds with the threat of power is much more useful than enslaving people's bodies.

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The Know Nothings were a nativist political party and movement in the United States in the mid-1850s. The party was formally known as the "Native American Party" prior to 1855 and simply the "American Party" after that.

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They feel the same way about you.



low IQ

Many of them tend to have somewhat higher IQ on average.

inability to think critically

What does that even mean? I'd argue that whichever standard you set, it could very well apply to you.

desire to be enslaved

Most people are conformist. Do you believe -isms in any form are a thing? Congrats, you're a conformist who believes in liberal heresy. Do you believe fascism, communism, etc are meaningfully a thing? Congrats, you're a conformist who believes in liberal villains.

will NEVER be "cool."

Power determines "coolness" as much it does culture.

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Conservatives are just old school libs, and "punk rock" wasn't ever against the system, it's as much of a larp as rad libs being against the system.

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Sowell is a conservative. Conservatives aim to conserve liberalism (including liberal ideals & capitalism). Naturally, that leads to them saying things like these because they support the system and ideals it's based on, while ignoring how the system actually exists among people.

Activism serves a purpose. It's not to "help" people, it's to legitimize and enact changes supported by the ruling class. Just like protests. Conservatives necessarily ignore various roles within the system that people have and their relation to power, or just blame it on marxism, communism, etc, in turn legitimizing the system & preventing a genuine challenge to it.

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Why'd you think so, if you don't mind my asking? Military, other than syphoning countless amount of money from the people, has been ravaging and invading countries across the globe for decades, thus doing the bidding of the ruling class. If someone's going to embrace it, it'd be them.

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Liberalism is and will continue being the enemy. The entire rad lib critique of old school liberalism comes down to it not going far enough to fulfill its values, and thus offer radical liberalism as the solution to it. But the issue with liberalism is its values to begin with.

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"I did it for the memes and insults" is a pretty bad argument re: re-affirming one of key narratives utilized to justify fucking up kids, but hey, you do you. It's not like you'll be the one suffering.

Don’t destroy something catchy because its origin is unverified.

It's not unverified, it's blatantly false, and even the original source of the information has noted in "limitations" that it's likely vastly overblown.

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Not to mention the ghosts of all the troons who 41%ed themselves

It's a bs stat, utilized to justify the politics they are pushing and starting treatment from childhood, etc. I'm not sure why you'd reaffirm it. As much it might seem like an "own" it's pretty much the opposite.

It's at very least <20%, likely less depending on the method, if I had to guess it's somewhere inbetween 10-15%, and most of those pushing up the numbers are FTMs, "non-binary," etc while MTFs have lower rates. Also it's suicide attempt rate, not success.

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It's a poll for the first round. The top two candidates move to the second round, and the one who gets the most wins. Macron is certainly the favorite & running in front of Le Pen, which is fairly expected.

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And it's already bothering some:

Michel Barnier, the EU’s former chief Brexit negotiator who is seeking the nomination of France’s Les Républicains (Republican) party for next April’s presidential elections, has said that the right-wing polemicist Eric Zemmour should not be permitted to similarly seek the nomination of the centre-right party.

Asked in an interview with the New Statesman whether Zemmour’s politics are compatible with the Republican Party’s, Barnier said: “I have nothing to do with Zemmour. We do not have the same feelings, convictions or history.” Pressed on whether Zemmour should be permitted to run for the Republican nomination, Barnier answered: “no way”.


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This comes btw after allegations that he was having an affair with Kristi Noem.

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From a different source:

While the European Confederation did not give further details, Vranjes is known to sport a tattoo on his right arm of Momcilo Dujic, a Yugoslav politician and warlord who collaborated with the Italian and Nazi occupiers during World War II.

In a statement released in November 2018, the Bosnian Federation “strongly” condemned the “shocking behavior” of the player as well as “all forms of glorification of fascism and its supporters”. Vranjes, who has not been called up since, defended himself by speaking of Dujic as a "hero for the majority of Serbs like [him]" (he has dual nationality), "symbol of resistance against the 'communist enemy.

Basically, he won't be allowed to play in European matches if he doesn't cover the tattoo. Lmao.

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In the article, they show absolutely zero evidence of what actual threats are being made. The entire thing is just more of the same gaslighting bullshit we've come to expect by ideological fanatics at this point.

They make a claim — in this case, "threats of violence" — present nothing at all to back up that claim, then pretend that it's representative of the entirety of all people objecting to the policies that school are creating which are undeniably having a huge impact on children around the country and all over the world.

Even if there were threats, which probably there are, it doesn't justify their narrative and villianization of people opposing the things they are pushing.

At this point, many institutions around the world have become despotic. You either comply with what they deem is best for you, or they'll use the full institutional might of society to destroy your life, ruin your reputation with labels, and ostracize you from being able to participate any longer.

Always have been, it's liberal capitalism. They are just making people conform more.

We no longer live in a "free society."

Never have. It's just that the illusion of "free society" has finally been broken.

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Most rw are libs, not sure why it'd be a surprise.

I think the massive Israeli lobby

It's not so much Israel lobby, as much it's what many libs left & right support for various reasons. Now ADL/etc on the other hand...

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An organization representing tens of thousands of school officials across the U.S. has appealed to the federal government for help in protecting school staffers under “immediate threat.” In a letter sent Wednesday, National School Boards Association President Viola Garcia and Interim Executive Director and CEO Chip Slaven appeal directly to President Joe Biden, asking him to step in amid rising threats to school officials due to the right-wing furor surrounding mask mandates and critical race theory. “As these acts of malice, violence, and threats against public school officials have increased, the classification of these heinous actions could be the equivalent to a form of domestic terrorism and hate crimes,” the letter says.

It goes on to detail several recent incidents of “threats or actual acts of violence” against school officials, including “angry mobs” derailing school board meetings and at least one instance of alleged aggravated battery during a meeting. The group is asking for assistance from the FBI and U.S. Secret Service in assessing and monitoring threats to school officials, and for the U.S. Postal Inspection Service to help filter out threatening letters targeting staffers, board members, and students.

This is a good example of what "protests" are under liberal democracy; a tool to legitimize change, where any dissenting protests against ruling class ideology aren't tolerated and instead amount to heresy.

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To be fair, even if that was the case - and it isn't - whether or not she committed heresy against liberalism shouldn't determine if she remains employed, and if people will defend her.

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Reminds me:

Punishment of heretics, whether through actions of individuals and thus abuse, harassment, doxing, threats, or through actions of corporations and thus firing, or state and thus imprisonment, serve to make people conform to those very ideologies and ideals. Faced with the threat of destructive power of such actions, to their safety, well-being and livelihoods, individuals have little choice but to conform. Even worse, they internalize heresies dominant in our society and self-police themselves, their own actions and thoughts, becoming “their own overseer, each individual thus exercising surveillance over, and against themself.”


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of course women play the victim

She's just fucking with people who are throwing a hissy fit, it's obvious she's not doing it seriously. It's pretty funny tbh. Shame she'll suffer personally.


when 70% of black people aren’t rabidly racist

No such thing. Racism was popularized in 60s/70s (it gained similar conception in late 30s/early 40s thanks to Magnus Hirschfeld), and serves as a liberal heresy.

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