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I think that is a poor example of extortion. You could try and setup a normal server, gather like minded people(aka, people tired of nuke town) and organize a regular event which could be the base to form a natural alternative and if there is enough player base left you should get it up to the same amount of people in theory.

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You got to elaborate how you see people extorting players into a specific map. When it comes to grind and xp servers I see that more as a flaw of the modern "progression" system baked into the games.

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I'm all for lobbying them to add support, but I do not believe purchasing first and then lobbying will help the argument, they already got your money and thus you are now only a cost to them.

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Second the query for a link. Still the implementation would further help the cause of getting smart cites up and running, need to get your carbon data to tax you.

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Solution: Buy verdun and hell let loose

Giving people the ability to host their own servers on their own hardware

Your solution is shite. One of those games said they would give the ability or "investigate it" and then never did, the other outright refuse to do so, all due to claiming their users are either technically retarded or so that the "progression" system is preserved. Bunch of retarded devs, it is all for control as always.

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Giving people the ability to host their own servers on their own hardware would fix a lot of stuff in gaming. Doubt we will ever see the return of it until after the crash. Instead we will be sold the solution to all the ills of gaming is to give the corporation more control.

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Not really, been a long time talk about replacing it with the so called platinum rule...

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To the game store?, No. They have a shopping cart for the Unreal Engine Marketplace.

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The whole episode seems very strange to me. Why involve gaming if IP2 was going to have a new home in 3 days? I can guarantee you if Perun had made that decision himself he would not have stayed in the owner's good graces. Likewise, I can guarantee you our main guy isn't the one who cleaned up gaming after this 3 days. Most likely he made both those decisions, in the midst of writing code for the site.

This does not assure me at all..since then Perun, becomes the fall guy and the dishonesty comes from the top.

I will stay over here, and not waste more time with rest of win.

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You presume he has the same interface as you, that does not need to be true. (it is very common to build into system different level of interface for instance an mod and admin interface and you do not need to display the accounts different level of access)

Do you want me to start debugging and see if it exist? (however will be done earliest tomorrow) and also cannot promise that the test is conclusive. To many potential variables that could hide it.

I am aware of the doxing event and thus the folding of the TD.win domain. Which is why I understand the reason why it's data about the individuals themselves is hard to get.

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Is the discussion in which he states

okay if you are cool with this let me know.

c/gaming is pretty dead and empty streaming and gaming go hand in hand. You are welcome to use this community as your own, so long as you also allow all other gaming posts. I will mod up anyone of your choosing from the list of pinged names or another you agree on. When I am able to get you your own of your own name then we can discuss things further.

And hashing out the details further.

There is never any mention of the gaming mods, nor even to the gaming community meager as it is.

Other than that, calling to fire Perun makes no sense. He isn't paid. You don't know if the site owner decided to let IP2 loose in gaming but everybody blamed Perun for it. You don't know if Perun cleaned everything up using access to the C account

Indeed, I do not know, but as always the illusion of trust and accountability must be upheld. (I would have preferred an actual system of trust and accountability, but the nature of this site never intended to go to that extreme so illusion is the best I can demand).

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So you have public mod logs, but are worried Perun messes about maliciously at will? Please help me understand

Yes. I do not know his level of authority or access, and messing with logs is very common pattern in compromised organizations and then using that further to declare people wrong. Each N node Outside of others control and each other with the copy of the resource mitigate the possibility of successfully doing a log purge or other tricks (does not stop it in its entirety, since you can always burn it all if you got enough resources but should at least increase the cost to not be abused too much too quickly).

What am I supposed to see in that link if your comments is deleted?

The second link is to the modlog(https://communities.win/c/Gaming/logs?page=14) it is merely proof that it is Perun whom has done the removal. (it also show part of the message).

Which was the message qouted.

it's generally considered poor form to criticize mod action in any forum. That's what modmail is for. It works a lot better if first mention is there, respectful, and succinct.

Agreed, which is why I try to limit public stuff to only grievous stuff.

Expecting to get a response from C is not reasonable. Again, he basically does everything to run this site as a dev.

Modmail, is due to his connection not a secure channel. You say that it cannot be deleted and perhaps that is true but I only got your word for it atm. It is also not easy to prove whatever is stated there outside (Could take pictures, but any pictures could be claimed to be forged,Taking a copy of the page, same deal And giving the password and account access to strangers even if the loss of this account is a very minor setback is not long time viable strategy).

And perun due to his status is de facto vice head (at least it looks to be on the outside, perhaps there is a hidden mod with a backdoor access to be the actual vice head :D ) thus it is the logical choice to try and go the next head in the hierarchy, or what do you expect the other mods to do about it?

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I still don't see how any of this impacts you now other than burnout from past Reddit experience?

Never had an account on Reddit.

I have asked C himself for clarification, that was months ago. My Message to this day remains deleted in the win.gaming where I ask for a official statement regarding peruns fuckup (https://communities.win/c/Gaming/p/12jJdvfYnd/this-community-is-for-gaming/c)(https://communities.win/c/Gaming/logs?page=14).

Any statement in regards to u/Perun and his official endorsement of non gaming content in this community? (see https://communities.win/c/General/p/12jJZKh7YK/x/c/4JAfTqw44MI)

Mod mail regarding the removal and lack of response have not been answered.

I also asked him(C) later in meta, an other domain of Perun, where he likes to remove calls of his dismissal of position. (https://communities.win/c/Meta/p/12jJdxvWtT/x/c)(https://communities.win/c/Meta/logs?page=13), All of these post are also archived in order to ensure that if further stuff occurs it will be harder to forget.

Unfortunately I have not kept up to date with any action of perun since those 3 days, so I cannot inform you weather this is a normal pattern of behavior or not but the lack of clarification from c and the rest of the mods and the lack of reinstating removed post and topics (which could be used as indirect response) which were not spammed by user (thus ensuring that topic thread could be used for containment and somewhat easier handling) is what all is based on. That and the passage of time.

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Yes the quote is a copy pasta from reddit describing mockingly the behavior of a moderator views, I used it to further illustrate the point in which Perun and your defense of his action is seen from my perspective.

Modmail and trust? The only part of modmail (clarification of what I mean is modmail, Incase there is a misunderstanding, with modmail I mean message the moderators function) is that it is anonymous of whom answer and since it goes to all on the list, who knows how it is handled, Thus I cannot know if it is deleted or replied and then forgotten.

But my point about trust is that the system you explain here:

Implementing that is a compromise, meaning nobody ever gets what they want. Part of making this work is making mod logs public so people can see if one mod is off base. All (or at least most) mods should be replaced periodically to avoid burnout and increase participation, IMHO.

Mods can steer a .win down the middle of its stated purpose by stickying posts. Hopefully that's the biggest part of the duty and there aren't many reports>

How can that work when we have a known "super mod" which overrules arbitrarily? The very method this setup entails means that the super mod and above people need to be quite detached from the handling of community themselves otherwise you have a centralized structure that will be corrupted and the system in which you propose I can only see flourish while the illusion of the super admins detachment to individual community is kept.

The poor handling of the shitstorm and the later method of trying to just remove everything quietly under the rug? (At least it seems to be that sort of panic response) And when trying to point it out to other mods or admin, I either get nonchalant answer or the void. This shatters the illusion for me, have not kept a record of the value nor data so do not know how many other it affected and knowing reddit, you could probably keep doing this a lot more times before the illusion has faded.

I know nothing about KIA or gaming .wins. Maybe you can take something here and inject it into the community and do some good?

And don't worry, I told you trust is nil, I will not return to gaming nor any of the other wins. I will remain here until this inevitably get shutdown aswell.

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You seem to think the shitstorm itself had me riled up?

The major problem is trust and that is still ongoing and has deteriorated to nil.

I do not know how one can communicate it clearer than that.

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Yes, although to be fair some part of leftist doctrine calls for the abolition of all, including truth itself so it is not surprising.

The one part I wonder is if the giant baby actually used his reflection to change himself. I'm not going to go and look, my hope is that this will be the start of him slowly changing.

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As always your main point is that to even question is to whine and we all shall be grateful to your mercy. For he is divine and thus your are divine and your work providing a forum and pruning it is. You really are an uber faggot, why did you ever leave reddit?

I leave you with this copy past for fun :D

Yikes, have a seat fuckboi. As an internet janitor, let me tell you something: It's literally my job to grow this community. I'm personally responsible for everything that is thought and said within it, and I need to cultivate it like Banzai tree garden. I need to spend my fucking life delicately pruning, snipping, and moving the tree so I can get it just the way I like it, which is how I know that it's a good community. On top of all of that, I do this FOR FREE. That's how I know I'm a good person. There's a lot of trouble makers out there who try to upset the delicate balance of all the work I put in. I don't know if you know this, but moderators are really powerful, and I'm pretty important. I'm not going to let some nobody interfere with my grand project! <

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I don't care if you had to edit it to get it to work or if it was a software glitch because I'm not a petty jerk

So to a non working link your reply is

Your link only goes to OP here. They created a shithole for your shit. How are you still complaining?

Do you wish to learn? Cause the wonders of tech of this site means that I can check were the link went to from the original message. Due to your tech illiteracy I will provide a image and hope it helps to you to see.


Also, In response to your saying it did not work I posted

Are you retarded? The link goes to https://communities.win/c/Gaming/logs?page=11.

In the same tone pointing out the place so that you could get the information which you could not see. That information was never responded to, even tough you could have anytime brought up the same argument, in which I would have dumped more and more information of the actions of this one perun. But information is not something you wanted, To me it seems you had labeled me as an enemy combatant from the start.

Now onto the next part:

You want more points of reference in which he moderates? Where even the question however benign it is removed by himself? The pm with gaming community in which they state that peruns actions will be addressed (most likely intercepted by himself) Or do you want the data where he discuss with the ipo people of handing gaming over cause it does not matter anyway?

Also you have still not read my argument in full have you? The matter of having a "liaison" (More like a super admin for there were no asking the gaming mods about it nor even C, the dev account) in which will remove and edit without any due cooperation with the original moderators or community leads to there being no possible method of having any trust in their management since he can and have proven at any moment hand over the keys to whomever he want and this "ability" is not used competently nor for any good. On win forum he is your King and you have sworn fealty to him with only C being above.

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Edit: And he sure did some moderating 3 days ago enforcing his decision

Your reply

Your link only goes to OP here. They created a shithole for your shit. How are you still complaining?

Overall you have only proven to be incompetent or willfully misleading or lying. You have no consistency in your actions or manners and your zealous burns the same as the one that most likely made you wander over here.

Why do you remain here?

Addendum: My beef? You assume to speak for me? Perhaps it is you whom need to reread the thread?

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It is every citizen's final duty to go into the tanks and become one with all the people

(Still the work on recycling tanks seems to be somewhat slow).

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u/DomitiusOfMassilia Could we get a confirmation if this is independently hosted and owned? I know we share the same code as the other wins although we are a bit behind on the latest.

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I vote 2, we need more dry text to read.

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We can expect Regionalism and geographically disparate wars to start taking place. It will not be impossible to see something like a war between Poland and India take place across 3 continents and 15 countries. Due to Geographic, Political, Economic, and Cultural advantages, we are likely to get yet another American century, if the Canadians keep fucking up and don't take it for themselves due to their incredible advantages. India and Russia are likely to do better this century, but they've got innumerable problems. China is far worse off than anyone realizes, and I don't think a Civil War is impossible.

Europe? Do see any chance for northern Europe (where the infection is quite deep)?

And no worries about taking time to respond.

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