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if you want them to rape you so bad why don't you visit a neo-nazi hangout in your state? I'm sure they wouldn't mind a good buckbreaking

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anyone who isnt controlled opposition is a lefty!

good to know that the mod of KIA2.win is a fucking retard!

TIL you finally revealed your intentions but you still don't realize everyone here hates you because you're a raging faggot

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it seems like we have to keep escaping from them because once we gain traction, they'll infect our hub

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it's clear the Aldmeri Dominion won this forum and derailing is now very apparent. we get constantly told to go to our own social media or forums but when we do it, the site gets infiltrated by demoralizing retards and we start over. there just aren't enough people willing to know the truth

now it's all controlled opposition. it's clear that most people here only want to be like every retard republican in this country except this time they're willfully being ignorant

who would've guessed that a lot of these problems we see have a demographical catalyst or source, so yea i think it's completely fair to talk about the Altmer, but (((they don't want us to because KIA leddit rules carried over to win for some reason)))

shut it down

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my office is 95% women and i want to kill myself 100% of the time I'm there every fucking day

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waaaahhhh why wont raysis whypipo lemme kill dem wahhhhh i sexually assaulted children and almost killed my girlfriend

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yea uh the bookburning was about sex reassignment and other degenerate stuff. Are you a tranny or do you just want Weimar 2: American edition?

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your janny existence is depressing. CP is a retarded board full of people that just hate everything. I don't hate everything. I hate people like you and other pussies that hide the truth.

I'm not some commie larper who's trying to derail shit, because a lot of the problems in this country have one thing in common. That's not derailing--if anything, YOU'RE derailing by banning people like me when people cry janny because we say something they don't wanna read. stop being controlled opposition.

I wanted to find out the truth, and it just so happens that certain demographics tend to be associated with it. If certain groups weren't so frequently associated with the many problems in this world, i wouldn't be so adamant about mentioning them all the time. But alas, they control every aspect of our lives, yet somehow it's wrong for me to notice that. good to know only safe™ posts are allowed in this totally-not-a-subreddit

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sorry i don't use reddit so i have no idea what you're talking about, fellow Bethseda character.

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the altmer cries in pain as he strikes you with his Destruction spells

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I don't think so but that would be fun and I'd join for a little bit of moincraftin

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watch out, DrJester of the beloved Aldmeri Dominion might get you banned for pointing out what they did to the heart of our Empire in Cyrodiil

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can't ignore him when he reports every post I make. blocking doesn't do anything

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fucking faggot cried to janny and got me banned for a week because I started noticing certain demographics being responsible for bad things happening.

he only exists here (and apparently there are more people since i the last time I was here) to demoralize and derail everyone.

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Jester fucks with me too. dude reported like every post i made in 2 days and jannycuck banned me

oh look he downvoted me lole

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