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I noticed this one, countries which descended into totalitarism the fastest the people themselves are also the shittiest.

Especially Australians, even all the Aussies on this site are ''no we don't have concentration camps'' ''ok we do, but here is why its a good thing and why every Australian citizen supports it''.

Or English people who are the biggest retards in Europe but for some reason think they are god sent creatures that descended and now stay above us even though in London they are minority and the most popular baby name is Muhammad and they jail little kids writing insensitive comments on internet.

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I think people are getting it all wrong

themes of war, sexual violence, racism, oppression, terrorism, and other atrocities

Steam has always had bad relationship with sex games, now we have here is game with war rape in it.

Nobody is praising steam for this, but this shit is quite old news, not the first or last sex game that just won't make the cut, its a better strategy to spam 20 adult asset flips to steam than try putting 1 on with effort, if that 1 gets banned its game over.

The takes on Steam being woke or left are a bit dumb, if they were they were poisoned by politics they would be the most sex positive platform spreading degeneracy left and right.

Steam is a money making machine they usually leave alone, unless the games are a bit too daring and rapey they will never care.

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Danish news are full with propaganda. Of course they will all say that they are independent and unbiased, but we all know its full of crap


Title should be more than enough, but if you can access this without membership that speaks volumes itself.

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To make it worse yacht are insane money sinks, only good it will do is to sell it or take it apart.

So on top of it all he sinked huge money into that dog shit that is very expensive to upkeep and move around because he could.

I am rich enough, but no rich people will ever go for it unless they have excessive wealth they can splurge because economically its the most horrible trap someone with riches can make.

So this guys life choice is to splurge his excessive money at eco disasters.

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Yes, i would absolutely support it.

When the entire society shit on Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights, medical ethics, ethics about consent, when the entire society has forgotten what is democracy, freedom and we live in censorship ridden snitch ridden world that literally reminds me of USSR times, screw them all.

Article 3 – Human dignity and human rights

  1. Human dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms are to be fully respected.

  2. The interests and welfare of the individual should have priority over the sole interest of science or society.

Article 4 – Benefit and harm

In applying and advancing scientific knowledge, medical practice and associated technologies, direct and indirect benefits to patients, research participants and other affected individuals should be maximized and any possible harm to such individuals should be minimized.

Article 5 – Autonomy and individual responsibility

The autonomy of persons to make decisions, while taking responsibility for those decisions and respecting the autonomy of others, is to be respected. For persons who are not capable of exercising autonomy, special measures are to be taken to protect their rights and interests.

Article 6 – Consent

  1. Any preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic medical intervention is only to be carried out with the prior, free and informed consent of the person concerned, based on adequate information. The consent should, where appropriate, be express and may be withdrawn by the person concerned at any time and for any reason without disadvantage or prejudice.

  2. Scientific research should only be carried out with the prior, free, express and informed consent of the person concerned. The information should be adequate, provided in a comprehensible form and should include modalities for withdrawal of consent. Consent may be withdrawn by the person concerned at any time and for any reason without any disadvantage or prejudice. Exceptions to this principle should be made only in accordance with ethical and legal standards adopted by States, consistent with the principles and provisions set out in this Declaration, in particular in Article 27, and international human rights law.

  3. In appropriate cases of research carried out on a group of persons or a community, additional agreement of the legal representatives of the group or community concerned may be sought. In no case should a collective community agreement or the consent of a community leader or other authority substitute for an individual’s informed consent.

And the most important thing everyone has forgotten

Article 18 – Decision-making and addressing bioethical issues

  1. Professionalism, honesty, integrity and transparency in decision-making should be promoted, in particular declarations of all conflicts of interest and appropriate sharing of knowledge. Every endeavour should be made to use the best available scientific knowledge and methodology in addressing and periodically reviewing bioethical issues.

  2. Persons and professionals concerned and society as a whole should be engaged in dialogue on a regular basis.

  3. Opportunities for informed pluralistic public debate, seeking the expression of all relevant opinions, should be promoted.

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You have no idea how censored i have been for the most basic things. This is what i said in another comment

''Then you get media and propaganda machines making everyone absolutely crazy, the iron grip they control social media with is scary, but how can i have a conversation with people for example about vaccines when google censors dozens of billions of search results for their own interests, facebook removes almost every link and image that i need for the vaccine conversations, twitter removes tweets if phrases are about vaccines, CDC, FDA, whatever, youtube also randomly disappears my entire comments, reddit has site wide link censorship, site wide shadow banning for saying the wrong things, powermods that control most of the sub reddits and discourse in them.

What else is there ? 9gag for example might look like any shit fuckery is allowed in comments, but it has sitewide link bans, there are mods that nuke the entire comments, and it has banned around few hundred phases, i got half my comments removed because they contained phrase ''didn't read'', what the fuck.

Honest to god conversations are impossible everywhere i go.''

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The swamp can't be cleaned because he is part of the swamp.

They don't care who is in the seat as long as they can choose the nominees. And our democracy is one responding to 0.2% of people.


Like really, has anyone ever looked like smart honest to god person with heart in there ? They all always looked like politicians and been everything we stereotype politicians of being.

Past few elections it became really noticable that choice is between absolute turds, and everyone knew it before people got sucked up and invested in their side. Like for real, Hillary, Trump, Biden ? These are not proper candidates to lead the country, these are proper reasons for emigration.

If you want to see how swamp consumes people check Obama, worked tirelessly, achieved over 300 things in his term, yet by end of it he fucked up everything and the whole country got more fucked up, just like every time, his entire legacy is making everything worse just like everyone else.

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The whole "oh, women don't like you so you hate them" shit really reveals something about you, not me.

Its because you are fucking deranged, as soon as you hear something related to women you instantly hate it.

You hate them so much you can't see anyone who disagrees you as not female, that shit is fucking hilarious.

You hate them so much you would rather side with pedos and rapists. Actually i think i get why you side with troons here, its because you agree with everything they been doing and probably are one yourself.

On top of that its not someone being superior, you are literally the bottom of the barel honestly. This is why i mentioned gamergate, people see someone like you and jump on the other side on that fact alone, this is how much you help any cause.

No need to be women to think you should already killed yourself, i don't know a single guy that wouldn't split your head in half. So piss off already. Troons are the most disgusting thing there is, what i posted is how they literally act every day and all the fucking time. And what i shown is example of left eating each other when the right is out of equation, even the LGTV retards. Your pedo rapist ass doesn't add anything to the conversation.

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It literally is.

Troons are mentally ill, rapists and pedos, i don't care how much you hate women in general, but if you ever end up on that side you deserve death same as them. There is no discussion to be had with someone who will side with rapists and pedos.

So walk off and kill yourself, if you need a reason then think of it that no women including your mother has ever looked at you and not vomited little bit in mouth. Even in gamergate situation, everyone saw people like you and automatically sided with the opposite side, and nobody can fucking blame them.

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Polish people laid back ? Screw all of them, they are mentally ill retards that are now everywhere in Europe.

In the games they are even worse, but ha i don't have to meet them because they are all in bronze ranks like the retards they are.

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Not even the first time this happened


Also when right or ''dangerous alt right conspiracy magatards'' as they like to say are taken out of equation only thing they ever do is eat each other constantly.

Inside their communities, pretty much all of specifically left communities its like walking on egg shells and people backstabing each other 24/7. Further left you go, more their communities get offended all day from each other.

LGTV internal wars is just madness, everyone knows the huge suicide rate between the various kind of faggots right ? Well its because they are literally bullying each other to death all the time.



Lets not forget when a person fails to be progressive enough, yesterdays leftist for them is todays alt right.


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Aninews youtube channel cut content can suffice too.

The is just endless details, there is main story web novel, there is aniversary chapters, special chapters, super rare chapters, Subaru birthday chapters, just some extra shit author decided to release and of course endless public questions and answers to the author about the story.

Interestingly Re:zero, Mushoku Tensei and Konosuba authors know each other personally.

For those who know even arc 1 is just filled to brim with details. For example if you remember when Reinhard nuked the assasin Elsa, for example if Reinhard would try to nuke literally the entire world, Reinhard would win without any fucking doubt, yet Elsa survived it which is just freaky. Also shows how Subaru had 0% chance to win against her and how much way over his head he was.

There is a theory that the little blonde kid Felt is descendant of the royal family that died out, this is why Reinhard is instantly so loyal to her, even fucking her first care taker Rom is one of the last giants in the world, because they were all hunted down to extinction.

The 3 thugs always targeted Subaru in every loop because he looked like out of the place and completely weak.

Its surreal how rich with details the world is, and its surreal how much time i also spent in youtube Re Zero theories.

If you watched it few years ago, maybe you missed out on season 2, i would defintely recommend it as it got made with more passion than even i have. There was also 2 OVA series before that.

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Nobody hates League of Legends more than League of Legends players, it was entire communities recommendation after show to not play the game.

On top of that they built their own story, few hundred details, entire characters are not even canon with LoL established canon and for now they don't plan on making them canon.

It happened to be a League of Legends show, but its it own thing entirely.

That is why i said its better to not have played the game at all to watch it. You won't be busy ''oh oh i know this character, wooow''.

I would say its also further detached from the West than people think, first the company is entirely owned by China. Also Riot Games have a good history of pumping out cinematics and music people enjoy.

Riot and Blizzard comparison was interesting. How they handled the exact same controversies. Warcraft movie comparison to Arcane.


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Attack on Titans finale part 2 or whatever it will be called will be the finale.

It was seriously weird that they announced final season because there was shit fucking load of content in manga and it was clear for everyone that it can't all fit in 1 season.

Turns out they were planning on making 2 seasons to fit all that content and just decided to already call it a final season lol, marketing i guess.

No milking here yet.

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After one specific episode people either love the show or hate it, its quite far enough in season 1.

Gigguk had the same complaint and now he is hooked on it.


There is more than meets the eye, when i got my gf into it i was explaining behind the scenes details, hidden truths, cut content, psychology behind it all, lore of the world and she was hooked immediately.

Season 2 was the best anime that season.

Arc 6 web novel was so good i binge read it like a maniac for several days with barely any sleep.

What is different already is the premise itself while it might not seem this way. After the guy dies he respawns in checkpoint.. ok, what is different about this premise is the indepth focus and how big of a toll it is, it is not shown as a cool superpower, its the worst thing possible for mind and body is to die, yet he gets to live after it and bear its consequences.

That is why further you go into anime, sometimes you will see him mentally break down from it.

Even the first episodes, first arc, no idea if you seen it, but if you have, there is alternative IF routes in novels, like a fun what if chapter, basically what if main character made a different choice. The difference choice he made in that chapter is when encountering the 3 thugs he never called for help and met Reinhard, but kept pushing it until he can beat the thugs by himself, beating those 3 thugs was way over his head, but if he was sinning enough aka being too prideful, then with his restart ability he learns to do it.

Fast forward 50 deaths and he has become a complete psychopath, dying 50 times has completely broke him and his mental state and now he is a monster. He can kill those 3 thugs that bother him under 40 sec, not just beat them, he kills them for sure so they will never bother him again.

But 50 deaths and against main assasin antagonist he can't seem to win what so ever anyway. Its not just that the assasin is way over his head, there is no scenario, no possible outcome where he personally beats her.

The toll of his ability is real, and its going to fuck with him in such detail i can't find in any other story.

But if i had to pinpoint why i am so hooked on this anime its that it feels satisfying, the problems he is facing is many levels way over his head even with his given ability. He is not overpowered self insert and he will never become one. He has a personality on its own and its quite crappy at the start and he will have to learn to be better human being.

To achieve something that for others is given in first 3 episodes he has to work entire seasons for it, nothing is ever handed on plate on him, except for unbearable torture that is.

So when he finally achieves something, when he finally gets to see rewards of his persevereance, its really satisfying. I was reading novels for 2 days how tortured and fucked he was, it doesn't just distress the already mentally fucked main character, it distresses the reader and watcher himself as well, so when there is way out of it, when there is a victory here and there, its not only the story characters that can feel satisfied, its me myself as well, YOU PUT ME THROUGH FEW HUNDRED PAGES OF TORTURE, god damn.

Same way when there is loss and defeat, just like in Attack on Titan, people that are not here anymore the watchers still mourn them, the comments still say ''it would be so cool if he was still alive, he could helped and handled this situation better''

The worlds feel more real than any other story, the world is so in depth i can go to sleep and still think about it.

And the season 2 seriously delivered, after that i started recomending it to others. Season 2 was like ''damn i am happy i am anime watcher, i would never want to miss out on this''.

And my favorite story arc, which will be in season 4 is twice as good. Sad that season 1 can feel so bland for first time watcher, its kinda like a prologue rather than getting to the point.

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Demon Slayer and Jujutsu Kaisen for that shonen popcorn flick, though Jujutsu Kaisen in future is going to surpass everything as its story takes a 180 and becomes absolute beast because of it.

Attack on Titan for that cult classic epicness, their final season premiere broke down every english streaming service, legal and illegal due to the traffic it attracted, it was surreal how popular animes can get.

Re:Zero - an isekai that might seem bland on surface, but turns out to be as brutal as game of thrones and world as insanely rich with detail as game of thrones. Once you get sucked in, there is nothing else like this, no story can ever come close to me on making me feel so much.

Konosuba - Isekai comedy

Made in Abyss and Mushoku Tensei are also 10/10, issue is they have pedo controversies and hard to recommend to random people. Though everyone who watched can enjoy 10/10 story without becoming kid diddlers or even dwelling on these topics or most people won't even notice anything wrong with them as they are captivated by the stories not controversies.

Arcane is not anime, but League of Legends video game netflix show, its the best show of the year surpasing even likes of Squid Games. Its 100% the best video adaptation of all time and many people swear its the best animated show in history of mankind.

Arcane is really good, so good i could not think about anything else than the show for a while, don't even need to have played League of Legends, actually you are better off if you never did. The characters, the story, the animation, the music is 11/10.

Whole anime community was fan of it, just shows, release something great and everyone will flock to it. I needed to stop watching anime for a week after Arcane because Riot Games budget just surpasses and murders everyone out of water, everything else felt bland for a while.

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One of my favorites is how they claim to have proven harsh punishment doesn't lower crime

That is from crimonology not sociology. Countries that focus on rehabilitation rather than punishment have lower recidivism rates and had groundbreaking results.

Crimonology makes a point that punishment has never detered anyone. Just look at these communities for live examples on vaccine discourse. No matter what they say or do after 2 years, nobody here is becoming more pro vax what so ever, make it a crime, jail people, ostracize them, take away everything from them slowly. Ever since they shut down debate, rehabilitation and focused on war, punishment, there has been more anti vax in the world than ever before.

No matter what punishment lies ahead, will it ever deter these groups here from being what they are ?

Prisons as a torture has not been productive at all. Treat someone like animal and he is going to be an animal. Treat a person like human, make him wake up from his psychosis, make him regret, understand his crimes, make him think ''omg i could just lived a normal life'', win win for everyone.

I always thought having the most incarcerated population like USA from all the free countries is not the way to go. They are not motivated by making a better society, they are fucking people up because there is something to gain from it.

Sociology studies can also be good, notice i never disagreed with Swedish studies, instead of first bogus studies that are void because its pure bullshit, Swedish studies have been very well made, i just wanted the scope of it to be bigger and more explained rather than ''people who take a shit at 3pm are more likely to be unhappy'', ok i agree if you proven it, but does that really explain anything ? They just linked things they wanted to link.

Yet hilariously the stupid article ignores Swedish studies completely except when they throw them in to sound like science is backing them. Swedish studies clearly outlines that men should appreciate their wives doing the most work in their household. Looks like this genuine appreciation, understanding will lead to happier couples and actually happier wives since it also outlined that women are more likely to break up.

I also learned that women should speak up and explain everything they are doing at home, thus not having anymore hidden work but everything being out on the table.

All of these sound reasonable and proper things to happy life. I have no problems with this part of sociology, science, whatever its called.

Article just then derails with something toxic by end of it ignoring its own lessons, which is just fucking hilarious, agenda over actual solutions. DO LESS while never actually either proving it with science or making any such point their entire article. At some point they whined about gender pay gap and wanted women to DO MORE

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In the study of 35 couples

Lets look at the study, oh its behind paywall

Using 70 in-depth interviews with members of 35 couples

So interviews with 70 people is what passes for science these days ?

One thing that puzzled Daminger was that this uneven allocation of mental labour did not seem to create much conflict among her participants. To understand why, she conducted a follow-up study a year later that showed couples explained away some of these gendered behaviours. Both men and women suggested that the unequal division of mental labour was because one partner worked longer hours, or stated that women were “temperamentally interested in being organised” – that they were simply good at planning ahead.

So wait nobody has a single problem with it ? Why the fuck do we need an article then.

This showed participants believed personality differences and work constraints were driving these inequalities.

Except you don't explain or measure that its unequal in any single way, how much grueling paid work against how much unpaid and emotional cognitive labor ? If we don't asign any units its all just not measured, how do we know if 1 job hour is worth 100 household hours or 1 job hour worth 1 household hour ? We don't know jack shit.

These were well-educated participants who agreed to take part

Sorry that makes these studies void, if you don't have a great selection process the studies are not scientific process but bullshit. You have to have great selection criteria not just handpick whatever will fill your bias, this is literally not even science anymore, just bullshit. Where is uneducated participants, where are different participants ? These studies literally doesn't speak or prove anything how any couple will ever act.

They mentioned Swedish study, i took a look at it

In this article we explored the impact of housework inequality on relationship satisfaction and stability. Utilizing couple-level data, we find women’s larger share of the housework is associated with lower relationship quality for both partners and increases women’s plans to break up. These relationships are also more likely to dissolve. When mismatch in partners’ housework reports is considered, we find relationships where the husband reports equal sharing, yet the wife reports doing more, are the lowest quality and most unstable. By contrast, those where the men credit their wives by acknowledging their wives’ housework have better relationship satisfaction than equal sharers. These findings indicate that housework inequality has important consequences for relationship satisfaction and stability.

Weirdest fucking study i ever read, they make it seem like household work is the only decisive factor in people being together or breaking up. The study linked that households where women do the most work and the man doesn't appreciate it the couples tend to break up more.

The Swedish stody neither paints the full picture or does it even care, the man having to appreciate the woman for the woman to be together with him sounds like a bit of clown world, but proper questions are never asked, what if in the relationships where man didn't appreciate his wifes household work the man came home drunk and beat his wife every day ? Would everyone say they broke up because of household chores dispute ? Or that household chores are more underlining factor in larger picture ?

If women are over-stretched at home, moreover, that means many feel they cannot physically or mentally put in the extra hours demanded by many workplaces, so the gender pay gap continues to widen.

What the fuck are you even on about

Women make up the majority of part-time workers, for instance, and in turn are less likely to get pay rises or promotions after having children, making it even harder to pursue top jobs. Many leave the workforce altogether.

I mean what did you expect ? Wasn't getting children better than working soulless job ? I mean you have the womb bitch, its pretty much up to you to have children or not.

Wait i will one up this one, women going to hard grueling work carriers and men staying home, doing household chores and taking care of children is literally every 2nd mans dreams.

What the fuck do you think men want to do ? Suffer and rot at their corporate jobs or manual labor or sit home, play with children, love them, take care of them, of course work hard in keeping the house clean, cook all the food, laundry etc. etc. literally anyone i asked at my job would prefer to be stay at home dads including me. Doesn't sound easy, but sounds amazing being at your own home all the time rather than working for another boss and his company.

It’s clear that most men want to get more involved in their children’s lives,

So wait the problem isn't even about the men, so what the fuck is this article for ?

If we explicitly state how much planning is involved in every aspect of childcare and housework, it will become clearer just how much hidden work we do.

Yes like thats called communication, is someone out there with 2 braincells not capable of doing that ?

On a societal level we also therefore need to reframe some very deep-seated beliefs about what a man or a woman’s role is.

Again why ? I know what the article is trying to connect here but it doesn't really connect it that well, jesus can someone with actual brain write this type of article once ?

But in the absence of policy, perhaps the best way for women to reduce the mental load is to do less.

First i naively didn't notice how sexist this article is, only gives a fuck about women. Second not what i learned from your own article, the most important thing is for men to appreciate their wives household work shown in Swedens study and that women should speak up and explain everything they are doing at home.

They also spend an article saying how womens carrier sucks and men wants to be more at home, so what we need to do is father paternal leave and send women to do more at soulless corporate grueling work and bring home those sweet paychecks.

Where in all of that you suddenly come to conclusion that women need to do less ? What the fuck is wrong with this article

If the mother stops thinking about what needs to be done and the father does not anticipate these needs, it may initially cause stress or judgement – but that could allow learning for next time.

could, COULD, COULD, we are not on science anymore, we are on **COULD ** now, and yes make more stress at home, will help everyone.

We're not putting men through mazes or shocking them for food pellets… but it's kind of like, ‘Oh, I didn't remember to do this last time and there was a negative consequence’.”

Ahh yes just be toxic, the perfect way to help couples.

Over time, doing less could increase our partner’s involvement and, in turn, free up more of our mental energy to focus on ourselves.

COULD, WHAT THE FUCK, where are the scientific studies ? Why throw around all the studies if the advice at end of it is ''Oh maybe fucking shit up could help'' WHAT THE FUCK ?

Melissa Hogenboom is the editor of BBC Reel. Her upcoming book, The Motherhood Complex, is out 27 May 2021 in the UK. She is @melissasuzanneh on Twitter.

Melissa Hogenboom is a dumb fucking bitch that can't write a better article than a high schooler.

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''Oh there is wildfires and storms and snow and lack of snow, CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL''

Said people with no clue about the weather past millions of years.

Their lack of knowledge is also that we dealt the most damage to climate in 19th century, yes 2 centuries back and scientists talked a lot about it then as well.

Now if we doubled or climate destruction efforts we wouldn't make that much difference, the initial damage done in 19th century was the biggest one.

Also don't give me this environment crap, the nature is going to be fine, the worst case scenario it might rain for literally 2 million years, but environment is going to be great, we been too stupid to actually cause irrepearable damage to environment. Not sure if humans will be fine though.

Jesus they really need to study actual things not only braindead activism.

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