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They used to be funny a decade ago. I never noticed if they were partisan at that time, but they had some hilarious skits. There's even one making fun of jews called the "grabbler"

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If she goes back to Canada, take away her US. citizenship. Dual citizenship should be outlawed.

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I find it hilarious when I see 35+ chicks on dating sites. As if they have anything to offer left. Can't even give a man a baby, but acting like they are some valuable commodity lool

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Based. I would like to start making meals with some type of vacuum sealing or just tupperware for the month. Ie, spend a few hours on a Sunday and just prepare meals and freeze them. In the end I imagine you save time and money. It's way too easy to just buy takeout when you are at work, or shit even when you are WFH.

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Crazy cunt. Go get some nigger dick from the invaders you invited into canada you fucking pig

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Ground beef is one of the more affordable nutrient dense foods we have. Always do the opposite of what the governement tells you, holy shit.

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No one bro. But just remember the real humble people who do good deeds typically don't film themselves and then post online. Not trying to be negative, just realistic

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I don't trust anything I see posted on social media anymore. He could have planted those kitties there to go viral. I don't have any proof, just saying

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Definitely don't pay. This is Ben Shapiro's people. Yes the content is based in a way. But it's how they rope people in. Once they lure boomer types in, they proceed with half truths about everything. Greatest ally goy!

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Lol a white woman haunted by her nigger ex husband who killed himself ? Totally realistic. Demonic shit too. Someone check the early life

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As always, some faggot crying about how blacks got cheap homes back then but it was the "house next to the dump" or "house next to the steel mill". What's the alternative? Eating mosquitos and living in a mud hut? Well now we have niggers (BLM house) living in mansions, so they got their wish

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I'm sure the glow niggers who lurk here are taking notes, and appreciate the intel

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The shit skin invaders leeching in a white country should be caged and shipped to israel

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