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It's supposed to be us the people but apparently, only a handful are actually on board with doing what's necessary to stop evil.

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They only want support parasitism and child grooming now. Oh, and the ongoing anti-White policies, of course.

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That lie is 2 years old now. Remember the staged videos of people dropping and shaking in the streets?

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I received "mental health care" for years-long depression only to wake up redpilled sometime later after discovering that my "treatment" was designed to keep me complacent and uncaring about my situation with nothing being done to actually help me recover and return to a normal life. Only after I stood up and put a stop to the useless "treatment," did my condition actually improve

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They don't care about being responsible. They only want to repress, impoverish and destroy society while enriching thenselves.

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Feminazis actually declare that "rape can only be rape if a vagina is penetrated." Then they backpedal on it to cry "rape" when a women is anally penetrated against her will. Basically, "OnLy WaHmYn CaN bE rApE ViCtImS."

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My feelings exactly. It's like taking a shit on top of another shit. I still don't want it.

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"Vaccinated" = poisoned with lethal gene therapy. "Anti-vaccine" = opposition to tyranny. "Terrorist" has literally the same definition as "anti-vax" now. So many legit words and phrases are meaningless and bullshit now because leftrash are all about destroying language and communication to push their insane narratives to brainwash their retarded support base.

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I'll chime in on this...

A. I'll continue using any words I wish. If some subhuman shiteater doesn't like it, then they can "go missing" without a shred of remorse on my part.

B. "Diversity" is Bolshevikspeak for "kill all White people" so there will "never be enough" of it.

C. Actual science, not the leftist's fairy tales that they call "science," is one of the left's worst enemies. Ipso facto, leftists just simply ignore science and stick to their lies/fantasies/delusions.

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And it's not just farcebook. Vile anti-White/misandrist lunacy is the only hate speech and discrimination being cartied out across every facet of life on earth; systemic and intentional. Whites create and make, non-Whites destroy and take; this is the immutable universal truth.

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Sounds exactly like reddit; where feelings, beliefs and political agendas, supercede all truth, facts and science.

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No one voted for it though. Those criminals were all installed, not elected.

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