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MaximumHonk 40 points ago +44 / -4
  1. You disgusting antisemite, stop noticing things!

  2. If I recall correctly, a rather large portion of the original feminists in the west were Jewish women. Just saying.

Arkana 34 points ago +36 / -2

Yep, same with the people who created the Frankfurt school of cultural marxism in Weimar Germany during the 1920's and 30's who developed Critical Theory.

MaximumHonk 24 points ago +26 / -2

Excellent point but Shhhhhh if we go any further noticing things Dom will have to erase our comments.

exilde 11 points ago +12 / -1

Also created Trannies.

TheImpossible1 1 point ago +2 / -1

That's not even correct. John Money wasn't Jewish.

MelisandeScott 7 points ago +7 / -0

They're probably referring to the first gender reassignment surgery that was done by Magnus Hirschfeld.

deleted 10 points ago +13 / -3
TheImpossible1 -1 points ago +2 / -3 (edited)

In particular, the the more radical, anti-male feminist doctrine is almost entirely written by Jewish women.

Gearhart and Solanas were famously Jewish. /s

The only prominent Jew was CIA fucktard Gloria Steinem.

Steampunk_Moustache 26 points ago +27 / -1 (edited)

It is undeniable to anyone who looks into it. Once you see it, you literally can't unsee it, because it will be the case almost every time you look. Eventually, you can tell when a ranting journo/blogger/feminist is Jewish almost just by the arguments they make. Do they profess hatred of nuclear families, hatred of monogamy, hatred of men, of whites, of europe? Do they fawn over transgenderism, demand socialism, hate the countries they live in, love all that is foreign? Do they cry out in pain as they strike you? Such a writer is almost always a secular left wing Jew, usually upper-middle class. If lower in wealth, they are typically female, professed lesbians.

Unfortunately, Jewish control of the media is so tight and clannish that it's almost impossible to speak of this fact without being branded an anti-semite, literally hitler, six-million-more-tier neo-nazi. No amount of 'not all Jews' will save you. No amount of 'not even half of Jews'. No amount of 'Not even 99% of Jews.'. You accuse even ONE Jew of being a racist, Jewish supremacist, YOU will be 'the bad guy'.

Because even though the Jewish right wing hates their nonsense too, they will also knee jerk and claim anti-semitism whenever the actual true nature of the problem is identified. Perhaps understandable, since they'd be likely to get partially caught in the blast radius of any attempt to shut these loons up, and because, well, admitting that Jews are capable of being racists would mean giving up one of the most powerful rhetorical defenses in the Jewish arsenal.

The Jewish left are the aggressors, the Jewish right are inactive fucks being dragged along for the ride through their own unwillingness to change strategy. A trait they share with the right across the entire developed world, funnily enough.

lequebecpizza 24 points ago +26 / -2

Yeah. Jewish involvement in identitarian politics and other so-called cultural-marxist topics is like looking at this huge fresh scab that you just want to scratch off but you know there'll be a mess if you do and it might even leave you a lifelong scar.

Like it's not something you can just dismiss after noticing the trend. I'm kind of happy the Early Life thing became a meme, honestly. They love to do this thing where they publically beat themselves up for being white and how ashamed they are, and then if an anti-white person actually attacks them they'll say "oh I'm actually Jewish!" (see the Fellow White People meme).

I really don't know what their deal is. You know those people who like to start arguments or fights between other people for their own amusement (ironically I'm one of them)? It's like that but on a much grander scale. I know that not all of them are like this, but there's no doubt that secular Jews have a huge role to play in this political climate. It's fucking annoying, to be honest.

JuliasEbola00 21 points ago +23 / -2 (edited)

My country has very few Jews due to the fact that we're not too powerful, and as I'm sure you know, Jews are drawn to power bases. That's why most of them end up in America, France, U.K and Germany. The handful of Jews that I'm aware of in this country are ridiculously stereotypical. One is a former politician who loosened immigration laws and made comments like this: "'Immigrants have had a transformative impact on Irish society, for the better". The other is a well known academic known for telling my people how racist they are. The last is a half Jewish journalist, whose written 40 or 50 articles about how the Irish are racist in the last year or two alone. These are the only 3 I know, and like I've stated already, they are ridiculously stereotypical. With patterns as such, is it fair to even call it stereotyping when so many of them match said stereotype?

OBRIENMUSTSUFFER 16 points ago +18 / -2 (edited)

It does remind me of an old Polish proverb. I’m not saying it’s all true and every Jewish person is involved in some ancient conspiracy for world domination, but I think it’s pretty much undeniable that there’s a disproportionate amount of supposedly secular Jewish people involved in the marxist/socialist/communist movement, whatever the reason may be.

Grumman 13 points ago +24 / -11

The flaw with your argument is that these people are as anti-Jew as they are anti-white. They support the Palestinians, they support the BDS movement, they support the mass movement of Muslims to countries that serve as sanctuaries for Jewish communities and oppose any effort to rein in their culture's worst tendencies.... they might be Jews but they aren't "the Jews," no more than Shaun King is representative of all whites.

onetruephilosoraptor 31 points ago +34 / -3 (edited)

Various leftist secular Jews are the ones doing this self hating routine.

No one is blaming ALL of the Jews.

What op suggests is merely pointing out that the "my fellow white people" clowns are not actually white people but are actually leftist individuals of a Jewish background pretending to be white.

Gizortnik -8 points ago +4 / -12

No one is blaming ALL of the Jews.

Yes they are, the national socialists are, the alt-right conspiracists are, the non-jewish socialists are, the non-jewish communists are, the black national socialists are too.

Lots of people blame all of the Jews for the exact same reason they blame all of the whites. All you're doing is supporting their idiotic motte & bailey routine. They sitll embrace a racial theory of history, they still blame jews generally, they still advocate for the removal of jews, and then they say "but not all" and you give them credit where they don't fucking deserve it.

It's not any different from when feminists bitch about men generally, then laugh when you point out 'not all men' and say that they never said all men. Then, of course, some feminist shows her power level and goes "Yes, all men."

It's why I got my flair. Disagreeing with their antisemitism means that I must be a jew.

onetruephilosoraptor 10 points ago +11 / -1

First of all I want to say that I personally have the courage of conviction to say exactly what I mean. I am not afraid of the optics to say non politically correct or offensive truths. I have previously said that I think women being able to vote is one of the reasons for the decline of western civilization and I still stand by it.

I don't hide behind a motte-bailey scheme and I don't enable them either.

When I said no one is blaming ALL the Jews I meant in the context of this thread. No individual here was making the claim that every single Jewish individual is guilty or needs to be removed or anything to that degree.

The argument that the op makes is pretty clear. Op doesn't blame all Jewish individuals but rather points out that there are disproportionate amount of secular leftist Jews pushing globalism and woke ideology under the guise of "my fellow white" people.

I have made it clear what my stance is in other comments in this thread.

But I will reiterate them again for you.

I can see that not all Jews are good and also that not all Jews are bad.

I can see that there is a disproportionate amount of secular leftist Jews pushing globalism and woke ideology. They are not the only ones doing this.

White women, Brahmin Indians and the CCP are also trying to push globalism and woke ideology in the west.

Gizortnik 0 points ago +1 / -1

I'm not saying your intent is to serve as a motte and bailey, just that you are when you say "No one is blaming ALL of the Jews". They really are. And I think OP is "hiding his power level".

GoggleHead 5 points ago +5 / -0

It's why I got my flair. Disagreeing with their antisemitism means that I must be a jew.

To be fair you could also be a shabbos goy.

Gizortnik 1 point ago +1 / -0

And you could be a faggot, but that's not why I judge you.

evilmathmagician 3 points ago +3 / -0

I blame jewish culture for a lot of problems. I can't give a clear and rigid definition for it, nor could I for any other culture. I have yet to git that gud. If I were to try defining it, I'd have to go over stereotypes and their values, which I don't think most people would receive that kind of argument well. I feel comfortable using it because I don't use it like a magic wand to explain problems, as OP seems to be indulging in.

But, yeah, it is kinda like the feminism thing. They've used the cultural angle as well, even if I don't think it holds water. People like using labels and putting everything in boxes. The bigger the box, the less useful it is for organizing (like blaming a gender) - yet a small box isn't necessarily useful unless you want to exhaust yourself playing hardcore individualist mode.

Labels like jew are also difficult because it's hard to tell if it's meant as race or religion or culture. Rather, it's hard to tell if the label is meant for people that chose to take the label (by adhering to a dogma or behaving by a certain set of standards), or people that had no choice in receiving the label (by being born).

GoggleHead 2 points ago +2 / -0

Labels like jew are also difficult because it's hard to tell if it's meant as race or religion or culture.

These all used to be synonymous, and not just for jews but for everyone.

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Gizortnik 0 points ago +1 / -1

Do you see what I mean u/OneTruPhilosoraptor ?

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StoicVampirePig 9 points ago +10 / -1

If you wanted to be anti-white but you didn't want to look like a subversive you might say you also were against your own ethnic group too, that would work well.


persiaprince 6 points ago +8 / -2

The flaw with your argument is that these people are as anti-Jew as they are anti-white. They support the Palestinians,

So, it's anti semitic to not support Israel then?

Grumman 5 points ago +7 / -2

It's antisemitic to support a people that wants to kill the Jews, have done nothing in seventy years except attempt to kill the Jews, put "we aspire to kill the Jews" in the founding document of their political party, and view their own children as weapons to kill the Jews.

The Palestinians are not victims, they are temporarily embarrassed Nazis.

grinnin_barrett 3 points ago +6 / -3

I wonder what happened 70 years ago that left a bad taste in their mouth about Jews.

SR388-SAX 5 points ago +5 / -0

I wonder what happened 70 years ago that left a bad taste in their mouth about Jews.

By that argument, BLM also has a defensible point.

Grumman 4 points ago +5 / -1

They lost a war trying to install a Nazi war criminal as President of All-Palestine.

SR388-SAX 2 points ago +2 / -0

So, it's anti semitic to not support Israel then?

No, but it could be reasonably argued that it's a bit anti Semitic to support a group (Palestinians) that genuinely wants the destruction of Israel based on its being a Jewish nation.

ZodShael 10 points ago +10 / -0

They're also communists who want a revolution and whites are the new Kulak's.

DomitiusOfMassilia [M] -1 points ago +1 / -2

Post Reported for: 16: Identity attacks

Report is correct.

Royalalbatross -2 points ago +1 / -3

Robin Diangelo is their current “spiritual leader”. She’s not Jewish.

Gizortnik -10 points ago +3 / -13

It doesn't take long or much effort to realize that the statement above is true.

It also doesn't take long to realize it's a form of psychological conditioning that teaches people to literally condition themselves in to having a kind of paranoid obsession about Jews. If you look on Wikipedia, you see something Jewish, then you feel like your opinion is affirmed. If you look for anything Jewish, and you don't find it, then you ignore it and declare this to be the exception.

If you condition yourself to be suspicious of jews, then you will be suspicious of jews, because that's literally the point of the conditioning you just gave yourself.

TheImpossible1 does the same thing with women.

The current narrative that many in the anti-woke communities have unknowingly swallowed is that the woke, pro-diversity, anti-white movement is led by a bunch of self-hating, useful idiot, white people (more notably self-hating white women). But this is (largely) not the truth.

The truth is that the leaders and loudest proponents of anti-white sentiment are an outside group, the leaders of this movement are largely racist Jews.

The leaders of woke culture are never useful idiots, and plenty of them are European white, rather than white jews. Most of them are socialists for the purposes of control. The genuine leaders at investment banks are doing it as a methodology of political and economic control for their own personal interests, they couldn't give 2 shits about religion, race, culture, or anything else. They are securing their own money and power, and pretty much nothing else, no one else, matters a wit. Many of those people are white, but they don't care about being white. They care about being powerful. Yes, some of them are Jews, some of them are women, some of them are Chinese, none of them care about any of those things. They care about power. Their ideological means to power is Social Justice & Leftism because it concentrates their control.

When it comes to the "thought leaders" (the intellectual bourgeois), they come in all different forms, again, including white. This is because being a power-hungry sociopathic bio-lenninist failure doesn't exclude whites or jews.

These people are NOT white people. Although they may look white, they do not identify as white. They do not see themselves as "white" in the same way that many whose ancestors are from England, Russia, France, Italy, etc. do. They see themselves as Jewish, a completely separate ethnic/racial group.

Many of those ancestors don't see themselves as 'white' either because it's an American racial construct. German National Socialists didn't see themselves as 'white', they saw themselves as Volksdeutsche. The English saw themselves as English, and occasionally British, but not as "white". Neither did the Russian, French, or Italians.

You're also assuming that they don't see themselves as white Jews, mostly because you don't want them to see themselves as white Jews. You need them to see themselves as distinct so you can promote white distinctiveness for your own purposes.

The very act of them identifying themselves as white is them identifying themselves as white. You saying they're not actually white, doesn't take away from the fact that they are identifying themselves as white. You saying that they don't really identify themselves as white, doesn't change that they are literally identifying themselves as white.

You don't even bother to ask if they, themselves, are identifying as Jews, how they are doing that, how they even define who a Jew is, and if that is separate from their definitions and constructs about whiteness, and the implications from that.

These are, frankly, wonderful fault lines that any good anti-identitarian can exploit at all times, whether it's Black American identitarians claiming some sort of ownership over Africans, American Jewish Social Justice activists claiming affiliation with Israelis or the Orthodox rabbinate therein, or White Identitarians claiming some sort of right to dictate how Russian, German, French, or Italian ancestors identified themselves.

If you understood these fault lines, you could demand they prove their claim to their Jewishness along with their claim to whiteness, and watch them spin their fucking wheels. Particularly if they define whiteness by silly things like 'adhering to schedules' and 'individualism'.

"I'm white."

"Do you consider yourself an individual?"


"That's a white opinion."

"I'm a Jew... and I'm also white."

"Yes, I know, your opinions uphold white supremacy. Your whiteness surpasses your Judaism, so you are white. You are, at best, a white Jew. Or really, a little j white jew."

"That's racist."

"No, you're racist because of your whiteness. You are, by definition, morally degenerate compared to real Jews like the Orthodox Jews."


"Stop believing in individuality you fucking degenerate!"

In reality, yeah they are probably white people, even the Jews, even by Jewish standards regarding intermarriage & conversion, and by what most of /pol might describe as Amerimutt genetic admixtures. What you can't do, is tell other people to define these people as Jews, when they themselves might not be well defined by Jews, and while everyone is using different standards for what a Jew is. The reason you're doing that is because it has nothing to do with Jews, and everything to do with a white audience.

Gizortnik -1 points ago +1 / -2

Good news! You don't have to!

I wasn't talking to you.

DomitiusOfMassilia [M] 0 points ago +1 / -1

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That's not a violation of the rules.

Gizortnik 0 points ago +1 / -1

Do you see what I mean u/OneTruPhilosoraptor ?... again

Ragnar_Danneskjold -11 points ago +4 / -15

It's pretty simple for me. Mohammedans hate Jews, so I like them. I will always support whoever is an enemy of the worst plague to ever inflict itself upon this planet earth in its entire history: Islam.

onetruephilosoraptor 30 points ago +30 / -0

Meanwhile leftist secular Jews are mainly the ones importing the plague of Islam into Europe.

Is it so hard to realize that not all Jews are good and also acknowledge that not all Jews are bad?

It remains an undeniable fact that leftist Jews who are mainly secular are disproportionately pushing woke ideology and globalism.

It is foolish to assume the enemy of my enemy is always my friend.

The U.S. allied itself with the Soviet Union in WWII to fight Nazi Germany. How well did that work out for us?

Nowadays TERFs are fighting transgenders but we sure as hell should not trust any TERFs because they still are man hating feminists.

You are simplying complex issues by assuming anyone enemy to Islam is automatically your friend.

Adamrises 12 points ago +13 / -1

Do you also support all venomous spiders unconditionally in your home because they sometimes kill rats?

persiaprince 9 points ago +10 / -1

Are you European? Islam is shit but I wouldn't care much about it if it wasn't being imported to the west.