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The old manosphere was great for comparing notes on what was going on. But the old red pill sites are mostly gone and have been replaced by a great deal of astro turf. Lately, I have noticed people aren't very friendly in public anymore. Asked around to some of the locals and they have told me no one goes out. Have to search to find people.

Also, I was talking with a younger dude who spends his summers going up to Alaska to work. I have known guys who have done that but didn't realize there was an extensive network of guys who do it. From what I gather a good chunk of these guys don't have wives or girlfriends, most are in their twenties but not all. The guy in question is tall, good looking, a very hard worker and a very nice guy. He made it sound like he didn't expect to get a girlfriend anytime soon, and didn't really expect to meet one. I have also known military guys who basically just dropped out of society and traveled. Also nice dudes. And then there was all the gym bros who dropped out after the Tiktok gals started harassing people at the local gyms.

How many young guys have just dropped out of society? I mean, all the dudes I cited are fit, good looking dudes. Just gone. It's hard to tell with the red pill videos as a good chunk of those guys are salesman selling their product, but how bad is it really now? Especially post covid. How many men just dropped out altogether? I'm getting the impression from this anecdotal evidence that it's getting worse, as there is always guys who drop out... But the majority didn't used to be dudes in their prime who were fit and good looking.