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Edit 05/05/2024:

Current Main Rumble Channel link: https://rumble.com/user/Lethn

Rumble is now my primary content farm, I no longer use Odysee.

I've been reminded by people my links and everything are horribly out of date for my main sticky thread. Hope this helps people keep track of what's going on, this should be a lot neater now. I think I will use the comments page to post new videos and I will use this main thread with the development roadmap list and any relevant major release links like the game itself.

When I edit the main post next I will also remember to post the date so that people know exactly when this was last done at a glance.

Updated roadmap 05/07/2024

By the gods 0.1 Development Roadmap

  • Reversing all wood and grain pile animations - Complete

  • Pick up and drop behaviour for grain and wood piles, as well as trees - Complete

  • Village storehouse grain/wood pile animation and behaviour - Complete ( Animation behaviour needs ongoing tweaking )

  • Individual Housing Slots For Villagers to prep for day/night cycles and sleep mechanics - Complete

  • Housed Villager population updating - Complete

  • Influence sphere scaling with housed villager count - Complete

  • God hand influence sphere behaviour - Complete

  • Debugging building mechanics in conjunction with breeding behaviour to make sure there are no conflicts - Complete

  • Debug villager wandering behaviour to match scale of individual village influence sphere - Complete

  • God hand belief text animation - Complete

  • God hand belief behaviour - Complete

  • Villager belief, current and required - Complete

  • Faction colour changes based on village ownership integer - Complete

  • Finish and import new god hand model and check accuracy of god hand raycast and collision - Complete

  • Implement custom population limits per village in order to prevent breakage and performance problems - Complete

  • Test basic throwing mechanics to prep for building destruction

  • Main menu options ( Keybind, Audio, Video )

  • Pick up and drop villagers to change village ownership - Complete

  • Pause/Speed Scale - Complete

  • Place neutral villages for village capture gameplay - Complete

  • Finish up Village Store construction behaviour

By the gods business model - 10/06/2024 - Updated so that it's hopefully completely clear what the plan is for the project, a playable demo of one skirmish island will be made available for free

Versions 0.0 - 1.0 - Free pre-alpha download

Versions 1.1 - 2.0 - Free alpha download

Versions 2.1 - 3.0 - Beta $5.00, own forever

Versions 2.1 - 3.0 - Full retail $20.00, own forever