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Edit: 04/10/203: https://odysee.com/@Lethn:3/By-the-gods-building-mechanics-playtest:c?r=9uVBCUZNktJFSny4AurVAhURKecvDwFD

Gameplay video dropped!

Edit 11/08/2023: Holy balls mods! Thanks, I did not expect this to be pinned, will update the thread with links when I get something significant done and new content drops, for more regular updates check out my gab page. I frequently post WIP content there among other things.


Right, celebratory white pill moment in my life, I've been living in a renovation project I moved into for almost 2 years now and I'm finally free. Garden has just been finished off and there are only very minor jobs around the house to get on with at any time since it's interior yay.

So I've mentioned this before, but I'm pretty much getting setup as a startup indie game dev and it's been my dream since I was about 10. I've had quite a lot of drama in the process of finding my ideal workflow even with just researching software as some of you will have seen in my rants across this site, been an absolute pain in the arse but I've pretty much gone for as much open source software as possible so even if leftists get mad at me they can't cancel me through any licensing and so on to prevent me from finishing projects.

I've got some big business plans in mind, some are small projects, to stay realistic and grounded and make some money as well as spread my reputation for my brand so I don't end up like one of those people with a ton of unfinished projects in my name and piss people off. Some are bigger in nature and are early access which will take awhile to finish and all of them I'm excited about. As we've seen, there is something of an opportunity growing big time in the games and film industry and I intend to capitalise on it.

First off, the small projects I have planned. I'm actually creating something of my own sci-fi IP which I have so far named 'Space Era Millennium'. I'm still working out the details, early days and all that, but it will be a star wars-esque style space opera type sci-fi universe with lots of sci-fi cheese involved. If you've watched any anime space operas, kind of like that, except I want it to not only have lots of space combat but infantry ground combat as well with lots of pew pew lasers.

For my first set of projects that I should be able to get done in fairly short order. I've got some short films planned that will give people a nice introduction to the universe lore. I have a working title for an RTS survival planned that's a bit of a spin off and will be loosely based on it called Endless Alien Swarm Survival ( Will change if there's any copyright issues lol ) and it will be an RTS wave survival game mainly. I could be pestered into doing other modes and such or even adding multiplayer if people like it enough. As you've guessed from the title, this will be about base building and keeping a horde of aliens at bay starship troopers style. In the loose lore, you play as the Red Sunset Corporation which will be a human faction I recently game up with.

The game is barebones right now and will undergo some heavy design changes especially to the art, but I plan on being as transparent as possible with my development process and post regular updates. This will be the main thing I'm focusing on this year and at the very least getting a proper playable demo churned out. I'm pretty happy though because I've gotten most of the main code done already.



Here's also a little starfighter animation I did up in relation to Space Era Millennium to test out how to get things working in blender the way I wanted.


Now for the big one ( Yes I know there's more :P ) By the gods, this is a title I've written about before but now it's time to give you the juicy details. This is an early access game, however there are two things business wise that I am going to be doing differently from a lot of developers. You will be able to download the game completely free up to a certain version and play it, I've posted all the details in the link below to a pirate site I intend to upload everything to in order to get more exposure.


The game itself is the god game genre and I've been shamelessly influenced by an old game called Black and White if any of you remember that and I don't care how much ire I potentially get from the creators I will finish this lol. This project is very similar to what war for the overworld did to dungeon keeper, which I recommend checking out. If they didn't get sued over it then I should be safe.


This is a very old video, I have done a huge amount of work since then including making a switch over with the project to the Godot engine from Unity in order to protect myself from any political and back end stupidity. The newest version will be pre-release 0.1 and I think I'll specifically define these versions as pre-release from now on to avoid any confusion about naming conventions.

Recently I've been working on miracle behaviour and getting it looking decent, I've just gotten the workshop partially functional and will be exploring building mechanics for by the gods at some point. I also have a gab account where I regularly post devlog style updates and I plan on posting way more videos on the regular to show you guys what's going on when I do make proper progress with my projects.

You will also find that I post my own research up their too even things that aren't necessarily gaming related, lots of stuff like blender tutorials I come across and things like that. I also have a github, as part of my transparency I want to post my stuff up to show I'm not a bullshit artist. Some stuff is open source and some isn't and I'll be clear about that later on. I have no problem however with people who may want to mess around and start modding my games etc. if they ever want to which should be entirely possible through the Godot engine but I am investigating that.




Now for the business pledge, because I can't believe I have to do this but honestly the woke stuff has gotten so out of control that yes it looks like devs and people like me are going to have to separate us from that crowd and be vocal about it instead of hiding away like cowards. Hopefully this may even end up inspiring people.

. I will not take ESG money

. I will not make shady deals with glowies for money and spy on my own customers

. I will never associate with anybody from the WEF or has connections with the WEF and will break off contact immediately if I find out about that

. Singleplayer content will always be offline, you will not be forced to log into anything or have any shady third party software installed on your PC

. I will always be transparent about my dev process, the maths of my games will be explained for people who are curious about it so that gamers can understand how everything works in the background

. I will do straight content only and not do any SJW style virtue signalling about sexuality and gender especially on pride month ( This one should be hilarious )

. I won't beat women with the ugly stick constantly if it doesn't make sense to the lore and have attractive women in my content

. I will be transparent about my plans with pricing, my early access model for early access projects is going to be similar to what mount and it will always be heavily discounted early on before release day, see the by the gods link on the pirate forum for more info

. When you buy my games, you're buying the full game and nothing else will be added on extra, so any updates or changes made will come with the game and not be paid DLC/micro-transactions

I don't know how I'm going to update this thread with the way the formatting works, but I will keep you posted on what I'm doing all the same. My workflow is definitely going to get underway now that I'm free of living in a renovation project for so long so people can expect fairly regular updates.