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Senate Democrats, some of whom have decried their G.O.P. colleagues’ lenient attitude toward masking, have adopted an unofficial “Don’t Test, Don’t Tell,” protocol of late, particularly as they endeavor to pass the historic Inflation Reduction Act this weekend. One senior Senate aide told me, “They’re not going to delay it if a member has gotten Covid. Counterparts are saying they’re not going to test anymore. It’s not an official mandate but we all know we’re not letting Covid get in the way. The deal is happening. Less testing, just wear masks and get it done.” When Chuck Schumer was asked about a plan B today in case someone drops out with Covid he said: “We’re not talking about a plan B. We’re going to stay healthy.” Another source said that if you catch Covid “you can bring your ventilator and still vote…”

The 50/50 majority could turn in a 49/50 minority at any moment, long enough to upend Schumer’s schedule even if a senator’s absence is only temporarily. So if Palmeri’s sources are right, they’re just … not going to test until the bill is passed. They’re going to roll the dice.

I’d call this shocking, but is it really? “Rules for thee, not for me” has been the standard position of many COVID hawks in public roles since the start of the pandemic. If you missed it in yesterday’s post, DeSantis reminded an audience in Florida this week how quickly scientists relaxed their guidance against mass gatherings in 2020 once those gatherings involved a cause to which they were sympathetic.


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Because they are all secretly Centaurs not lizard people.....because horse paste.....it's a joke.... Fine I'll leave

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They like being the centaur of attention

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B.E.A. utiful

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So Democrats will benefit from the Supreme Court knocking down the federal vaccine mandate. How about that

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No, they never were subject to it.

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Everyone will benefit from that though.

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"historic legislation"

Historically shitty maybe

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So they can just not get a daily covid test and keep their jobs? Where was this 18 months ago when it cost a lot of us ours?