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Susceptability to it, I can see it. There are so many people here who are getting everything else in severe or moderate forms that shouldn't be so bad. So many of those who got their government mandated clot shots at my work keep getting sick.

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“Monkey pox cases were rare for years. During the last years a single case was documented in Israel,” he tweeted. “It is well established the mRNA vaccines affect the natural immune system. A monkey pox outbreak following massive covid vaccination: Is not a coincidence.”

So he says.

The problem with such things is that one doesn't know whether he is actually a top scientist or a crackpot.

This does sound a bit crackpottery to me. If immune systems were weakened, we should be able to see it in other areas than just monkey pox.

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Wow easy with the subtle antisemitism

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How would you see it? I mean you, personally. I have more than one incidence of mysterious infection curiously timed with covid "vaccine" in my family. These are in no way being recorded as anything to do with vaxx, which is reasonable, because the doctors handling them are baffled. You can take that or leave it (I take it, because it's my family but I don't just expect you to take say-so on the internet as actual data) but I'm curious what you think the mechanism would be, were this true, for you knowing about it.

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I'd imagine it would show up as some kind of 10-20% increase in all cause mortality over the baseline 5 year average, even in the youngest of cohorts (and excluding 2020 and 2021 to establish baseline average), concurrently with a 10-20 or so decrease in fertility and birth rates in the season average, depending on level of compliance with the course of treatment.

You'd be able to see this trend even in the absense of covid infection, which thanks to australia's policies was delayed until after the rollout of vaccination, and so there is a trend of increased allcause mortality even prior to infections spiking in mid 2021 (decrease to baseline during influenza free winter, so whats causing the deaths then, it should be lower than baseline). https://www.abs.gov.au/statistics/health/causes-death/provisional-mortality-statistics/latest-release . And so australia and new zealand in their madness have at least provided the world with an interesting study, we can do analyses and examine mortality in countries that got covid waves prior to vacc, and those 2 that got the vaccines out largely before any significant infection.

You can see the increased morality is there even before the covid spike. Unless you want to argue that closing all the health and scanning services contributed to that rise in deaths instead, or its people offing themselves in economic despair and isolation, which still puts the blood on the hands of powermad politicians like Mark McGowan and the lockdown believers. It doesn't pass the smell test for me though, I've been working in, and been treated myself, during this time. The postponing of elective surgeries was a thing (an evil thing) yes, but everything else mostly kept chugging along behind some plexiglass.

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Your externalities at the bottom are sort of everything. I wouldn't trust Australia even a little to have realistic numbers about covid infection, at any point since early 2020. I think their insistence that they had close to zero transmission at any point naive fiction. There isn't anywhere on Earth that has numbers of "absence of covid infection," because it's an easily-endemic airborne cold virus. Anywhere that claims to have not had it is a combination of lying and putting on a best face.

To your other points: This is my Socratic point to previous poster, and why I pointed out that those in my own family affected are certainly not going into any database, VAERS or otherwise, that can be laid at the feet of the holy vaxx. There is (and never has been) any remotely reliable way to note mortality. In 2020 all customs and best practices and procedures were thrown out the window, largely thanks to the WHO and the CDC.

Mortality cause reporting has become a joke. Some number of people--possibly hundreds, possibly hundreds of thousands--are dying of everything but certainly not complications from the vaxx no sir no sirree. We started experiencing excess death from lockdown and mass hysteria in 2020 by way of suicide, homicide, and overdose, to the extent where looking for any specific cause of death increase in excess mortality is completely out the window.

MSM has absolutely no incentive and no interest in turning over rocks in pursuit of anything resembling the truth here. Almost every politico on Earth from dogcatcher to President is rightly afraid that widespread truth-telling may end with their heads on pikes.

Back to the point of the exercise. Hypothetically, and given the state of things, were it true that mass vaccination has caused widespread damage to peoples' immune systems, and as a result, long suppressed potential infectious pathogens were being given the opportunity to flourish again, resulting in unexpected, seemingly unrelated infections across the board--through what process would we know, beyond a handful of "crank" whistleblowers desperately trying to press through 18 tons of media flak and opposition to get the truth out?

Hold on--isn't that what we just went through with the dreaded coof itself?

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I'm not seeing an increase pre-covid. What you are looking at are two lines on the same graph with different vertical axis scale.

The covid infections looks tiny but the part where you say the deaths increased before covid has ~10,000 infections per day or say at least 100 covid deaths. The difference in deaths from baseline is only like 200-300ish, which taking away covid deaths could easily be within the baseline standard deviation which many years will deviate from anyway since it's just the average.

On the other hand UK data shows basically the same overall death rate from vaccinated and unvaccinated, which could be due to the vaccine protecting from the virus but also making them vulnerable to other disease. Or lots of other reasons. Really we probably won't know for another 10 years when everybody has moved on and it becomes academic rather than political.

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Potential correlation between the vax and pox has been discussed before on NNN, not sure if it ever made the rounds here. Sample threads:

Think I may have seen something about this on a few sites as well. And, of course, general talk about weakening the immune system and AIDS-like effects was discussed well over a year now.

Overall, I have no personal stance on the "monkeypox" as it needs more research on my part, which I'm not inclined to do at current moment. Vax is bad. Pox is bad. That's good enough for now.

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We were discussing it on this very board literally yesterday.

Of course, it's pure speculation at the moment, and perhaps will forever be.

Still, you have to wonder. Maybe people in the know will attempt to find out.