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WhitePhoenix [S] 13 points ago +13 / -0

I stumbled on this article while reading up about some other retarded shit leftists wrote.

David Auerbach came in pretty early during GG and wrote some articles that, while somewhat critical, was fair in his coverage of GG - I can't remember what publications he wrote for, but it was clear he's still a leftist so he always had a leftist slant to it.

I think other journalists attacked him for it because he dared to try to understand GG.

This is a HUUUUGE essay, but I think it's a pretty good one, and it actually breaks down leftism ITSELF and why there never seems to be any consistent type of leftist. There are different "ists" and leftism has a bad habit of constantly pointing fingers at itself demanding that THEY are the "real" leftists (aka their relentless thirst for power and to be the leader of the movement).

The two-axis scale thing is pretty interesting. This explains why people like soyboy Vaush are actually anti SJW but believes so much retarded pro communist shit and likes guns, whereas you got someone like shoe who is anti-SJW, but absolutely hates guns and still supports other feminist causes like pro baby murder.

Then you got someone like LianaK - if you've seen her timeline, she originally claimed she was not a SJW, but she's still a leftist feminist and now pushes that pos identity politics race/sex bullshit that other feminists push.

A lot of these beliefs conflict DIRECTLY with each other, but yet they're all under the umbrella of leftism. That incoherence is actually what drove a lot of us ex-leftists away.

The thing about the "center right" or "normal" "right wing" is that their views, despite now bringing in a wide tent of people, are pretty coherent.

I know what most conservatives think about guns, I know what most conservatives think about abortion. I know what most conservatives think about taxes.

I also understand there are tradcons, libertarians, and populists, and some of their views overlap, but the demarcation point between these groups are very clear and simple to recognize.

However, trying to figure out how a leftist thinks these days is like playing whackamole with a bunch of retarded disparate positions. The average TikTok teenage retard will appeal to the idpol side of the left, whereas a college student may appeal to a mix, and a soyboy like Vaush would appeal to the Marxist side. One leftist is going to be a regular feminist, another one is going to be a "black feminist" another is going to be a commie anti-capitalist that proudly tatoos ACAB to her chest that a doctor had to cut out because she was brainwashed by the Internet she was a trans-man, etc.

I'm trying to re-read this article ae few times because it's written like some academic fuck, but I suspect this article provides a good description of why leftist ideology just sucks.

joeyjojoshabadoo1 12 points ago +12 / -0

I find pretty much the opposite of your entire set of observations. I find that the vast preponderance of the time, if you find that a person has one of these lefty positions, they have all of them, and you can predict the entire buffet from the one. Guns, abortion, feminism, taxation, religiosity, "The Science," global warming, "Democracy," etc., as well as the topical issues and events of the day--Kavanaugh, Rittenhouse, electoral college, bump stocks, masks, vaccine mandates, Ukraine, etc., are all part of a package deal. This is why the NPC meme exists, because these people seem to be updated simultaneously from some mysterious central source, then go on to parrot the same talking points ad nauseum.

People like Vaush are outliers. Though clearly and safely in the Lefty milieu, he has a large contrarian impulse (in his case, most likely born of his extraordinary arrogance, narcissism, misplaced aggression, and desire to fight people still, even when he has no proper enemies on the field). A prominent YouTuber is going to be far more likely to exhibit these impulses than your garden variety lumpenprole, NPC, or apparatchik. But prevalence is relevance, and the celebrities are not the norm.

SparkMandrill83 1 point ago +1 / -0

since when was shoe anti-gun?

The_Shadow_of_Intent 3 points ago +3 / -0

Looking at David's graph, I think I can make this a lot simpler. Leftys are trusting, starry-eyed believers in agency and individual ethics when they don't have power, then suspicious authoritarians when they do have power. There, all in a day's work.

You ever notice how quickly Hope and Change went to Kill Republicans?

There is actually a third leftist state, when they die as a result of enacting their own retarded policies.