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OnlyCaleb 3 points ago +3 / -0

Yeah, I honestly feel a lot of the pedo hysteria and wanting every suspected pedophile tortured to death without due process partly exists because the right gave up on the moral fight on everything else. Gay, for instance, even people who consider themselves anti-gay would look "progressive" compared to a 2005 conservative. And I'm including myself there. In 2005, if I saw any gayness I'd call it out and be weirded out by it. Now it's so common, you ignore 95% of it.

Transvestite crap....again, where's the zeal amongst conservatives? And look, it's understandable....we're in a fully compromised nation now and the rules aren't fair so it's understandable to a large degree why we are the way we are at this point in time.

But all that is to say, pedophilia is the only thing left the right has they can attack all day and all night and no ones going to crucify them for it. So they put all the righteous indignation into that area, when the thing that should be done, is strive to have the right amount of righteousness, love, grace, wisdom for any and all subjects regardless of the cultural landscape....that's a more difficult road and one that requires more bravery, but it's the right road.