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Plays in your browser with keyboard and mouse (sorry phone users). Takes about 40 seconds to 1 min to download.

You are stuck in a spooky library and can't leave all of the books are in the right place. A supernatural presence is in there with you! Avoid it, return the books, and escape!

Please play the game and leave any thoughts or observations you may have, including negative feedback. For this test we are specifically hoping to get feedback on the monster behavior, detection, pursuit, etc, and how it feels to the players.

New in this release are configuration settings for brightness, mouse sensitivity and field of view. I recommend using the lowest brightness you can handle for the most fun experience.

Also there is now a setting to change the standard "click and drag" interactions to "click to pick up, click to release". This is specifically to help those playing on touchpads. Click and drag is the recommended setting.

If you have technical problems like hanging or failing to load or framerate or graphics issues please provide your browser version, your cpu type and speed, your ram size, and your video card info.

Thanks for playing!

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[opens door and sees something]

well fuck me 😨