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not diversity of random traits like race and sex

Reminds me:

There’s a common argument that what you’re born as — your race, ethnicity, sex — to whom you’re born to, and which country you’re born in are all accidents or circumstances of birth, things that are outside of our control and thus should be irrelevant; nationalism is cringe, and why would you care about your ethnicity or race? What does it matter what skin color you are, and if you think it does, isn’t that basically racism? What matters and should matter is the individual.

However, such notion of individualism is less a reflection of reality and more a reflection of ideology; to be more specific, it’s an attempt to construct an identity based on liberal ideology, an identity free from heritage, belonging, and being, which is best described as rootless individualism. And I’ll explain why.

First and foremost, we don’t simply come into existence out of nowhere and for no reason at all. Each and every individual in existence is a product of specific people, who made specific choices, took specific actions, had specific experiences, including trials and tribulations they went through in their lives, all of which eventually led up to the making of and birth of the said individual.

All of their actions, choices, and experiences themselves were dependent on and conditioned — both socially and genetically — by their parents, ethnicity, race (itself a form of extended family), culture, society, nation, as were those of their parents, those before them, and so forth. Who we are as individuals is, fundamentally, a part of and a product of other people and specific people at that; such individualism can be described as a form of relational individualism.