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ThatsAlright 8 points ago +8 / -0

In the article, they show absolutely zero evidence of what actual threats are being made. The entire thing is just more of the same gaslighting bullshit we've come to expect by ideological fanatics at this point.

They make a claim — in this case, "threats of violence" — present nothing at all to back up that claim, then pretend that it's representative of the entirety of all people objecting to the policies that school are creating which are undeniably having a huge impact on children around the country and all over the world.

Even if there were threats, which probably there are, it doesn't justify their narrative and villianization of people opposing the things they are pushing.

At this point, many institutions around the world have become despotic. You either comply with what they deem is best for you, or they'll use the full institutional might of society to destroy your life, ruin your reputation with labels, and ostracize you from being able to participate any longer.

Always have been, it's liberal capitalism. They are just making people conform more.

We no longer live in a "free society."

Never have. It's just that the illusion of "free society" has finally been broken.