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I'm a fan of RLM. I find their best of the worst series hilarious, and they've always been fairly politically incorrect. They've got some blue pilled aspects and some red pilled aspects it's seemed.

This includes Mike Stoklasa however, I noticed in the past like month or so, he's been just straight up parroting feminist talking points. I never noticed that in the past. In fact, he'd usually be the one most likely to make a rape joke or something. But I started noticing it in the Best of the Worst on June 2.

I don't know if he started dating a feminist girlfriend or what, but he's changed.

It's sad to see.

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It's not the past month or so at all. They've always embodied the most brittle aspects of normie ideological uncertainty.

They seem 'politically incorrect' because they're a bunch of down to earth guys whose success is built in no small part from watching shitty old exploitation movies full of rape and nudity, which is why they've always felt comfortable joking about that kind of thing, or making south park tier jokes back before that was verboten. But for years now, they've looked extremely uncomfortable going any further than that because they have no real ideological core, they just go with the currents. In any recent hollywood fandom subversion, they've criticised the shitty new SJW movies, it's true, but there's always a note of 'but the misogynists trolls who post shit about it are bad too!' They've never been more anti-PC than that. Without any firm ideological position, they're always liable to get browbeaten into towing the line.

Don't pick eceleb champions, these guys are average joes who found a moneymaking gimmick. Enjoy it for what it is; they're not much more compromised than they ever were, especially what with having some real SJW true believers on the staff like that Jack guy.