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Alberta Pastor Coates trial started today. Rebel News' Sheila Gunn Reid is live-tweeting but she's not threading her comments. Here's the link to her 1st tweet made 2 hrs ago, you'll have to go to her profile and scroll down to read everything: https://twitter.com/SheilaGunnReid/

Here's some select tweets:


AHS's Hanrahan says she went to the balcony to observe the number of people in the sanctuary.

She points out the music ministry wasn't wearing face masks when they sang from the stage.

(This indicates Hanrahan was inside the church disrupting a religious service in progress)


December 20th, Hanrahan testifies that GraceLife elders reminded her and the RCMP that it is a criminal offense to disrupt a church.

She didn't seem to heed their protestations.

However she put away her camera at this visit.


Hanrahan says she was told repeatedly that it is a criminal offense to disrupt a church service on Dec 20th.

She testifies she told GraceLife elders & Coates that it wasn't her intent to disrupt service.

(Me: But that's actually what you do when you show up with two cops)


Hanrahan is testifying that she saw people touching each other in the lobby of the church on December 20th.

She didn't enter the sanctuary but she did observe it from the balcony at 1045 am.

(That's during GraceLife's Bible study. So she interrupted a religious service)


Grey makes Hanrahan explain why she repeatedly had RCMP officers attend with her to the church.

Grey confronts her with notes from an RCMP officer who said Hanrahan told him she feared she would be harmed.

Hanrahan says perhaps the cop misunderstood her remarks.


Grey forces Hanrahan to admit that she didn't have any concerns that anyone from the church would hurt her.

Hanrahan says what changed was media attention.

(Me: So was bringing the cops all theatre for the media?)


Grey: you said you questioned the reliability of some information about covid19?

Hanrahan: yes

Grey: but what about the information given to you by your employer?

Grey: you didn't question that?

Hanrahan: yes because its law.


Grey: so the fire code capacity information that you have is based on the self-reporting from GraceLife Church? Second hand information, wasn't it? You didn't collect the data yourself, did you?

Hanrahan: no

Grey: it's possible that information is wrong?

Hanrahan: I assumed


Grey: you said something odd in your notes. You said clapping/cheering for RCMP at GL could lead to covid spread.

Hanrahan: yes

Grey: did AHS tell you that?

Hanrahan: no

**Grey: so that's your own theory? **

Hanrahan: yes

Grey: did you read that in any studies?

Hanrahan: no


Grey: you thought it was important to take note of something Coates said to a police officer about the charter of rights and freedoms.

Hanrahan: it made me assume that we were not going to get compliance

Grey: did you ask?

Hanrahan: no I assumed.

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AboriginalIvory 36 points ago +36 / -0

Public Sector cunts. Fucking Parasites

Gizortnik 35 points ago +35 / -0

Grey: you said something odd in your notes. You said clapping/cheering for RCMP at GL could lead to covid spread.

Hanrahan: yes

Grey: did AHS tell you that?

Hanrahan: no

Grey: so that's your own theory?

Hanrahan: yes

Grey: did you read that in any studies?

Hanrahan: no

This is why people don't trust the science.

Because it's not the science. It's """"The Science"""" and this person is considered """"an expert"""" by the media.

This leads to the exact kind of anti-science perspective that some people actually do end up getting because "The Science" and science are two wildly different and mostly unrelated things.

The Left does this to literally every single thing they touch involving academia or knowledge generally.

UnsubtleAardvark 20 points ago +20 / -0

Anyone who says that something cannot be questioned because it's science neither knows what science is or has the intellectual capacity to ask questions.

Gizortnik 10 points ago +10 / -0


YesMovement [S] 26 points ago +26 / -0


Coates says his experience in jail is exactly why virtual church doesn't work. Could see his family sometimes online in the form of a visit but that it was not the same as being with them in person.

HAHA, total judo move...using them throwing him in jail for in-person gatherings, making him only have virtual contact with his family, to show why meeting in person is so much different.

YesMovement [S] 21 points ago +21 / -0

The crown spend the final hours in court today asking Coates about his opinions on PCR tests. WHAT DOES THAT FUCKING MATTER.

I've read section 2 of the Charter of Rights & Freedoms. Nowhere does it say freedom of religion only applies if you have faith in specific lab results.

altmehere 21 points ago +21 / -0

They’re going to crucify him (figuratively, of course) to send a message to anyone thinking of standing up for themselves. Unless he submits and prostrates himself before them to the same effect.

To them nothing you believe in, be it of heaven or of earth, can take precedence over the state. Disobedience is the ultimate sacrilege.

censorthisss 18 points ago +18 / -0

Meanwhile, minorities can protest whatever the fuck they want with as many people as they want and the government won't do a damn thing about it.

wHiTe pRiViLeGe

ramzaruglia 6 points ago +7 / -1

I expect the left to use this as a very weapon to be unleashed against ALL Christians in the West. I suggest you exchange your cloaks now for bullets and firearms. It have began.